Happy Liberation Day!

Happy Liberation Day!

On 9 May 1945, my home island of Guernsey was liberated from the Germans, so to any ‘Guerns’ reading this eletter, a very happy Liberation Day to you all.

On 3 May 2014, the bookmakers were liberated of a bit of cash by my selecting a huge-priced winner for What Really Wins Money members who can freely access my tips at www.whatreallywinsmoney.co.uk.

The horse I selected was part of my each-way tips exclusive to WRWM readers. And the horse was called Run with Pride. Check out the return with the bookmakers!

Great price … until you see this!

Happy Liberation Day!

Betfair SP paid out 143.84 for the win and 12 for the place: that is combined odds of 155/1.

The lesson? If you are following a tipster who dabbles in bigger prices, then I would urge you to check out the Betfair SP prices as compared with the bookmakers.

Historical results can be found here. Check if you’d have had a better return to Betfair SP.

Thankfully, I use Betfair SP as their returns are consistently better. You would have been robbed of a 110/1 extra return by using those bookmaking scoundrels!

If you haven’t joined What Really Wins Money’s monthly newsletter, then I’d recommend it. This week, following my 155/1 return above, I also delivered a 16/1 winner yesterday for each way followers.

And all of this is for free to What Really Wins Money newsletter members! Not bad eh?

This each-way strategy I have shared with you for free in this eletter. If you want my big-priced winners, then you’ll have to join the newsletter.

I’ve got two great profitable horse racing systems coming up in May and June’s newsletter. These are ‘Home-Grown’ betting systems you won’t find anywhere else. One has turned £100 into nearly £800 already after a few months, and that’s by backing certain favourites on the All-Weather.

The other profitable system looks to lay certain top weights in handicap races and is as easy as pie.

There’s no need to check the form. And that’s a characteristic of my WRWM systems. We never need to do any form-reading whatsoever!

End of the season – boo hoo!

It’s that time of the year again where my girlfriend wrestles the TV remote control from my sweaty palms as the football season comes to an end, at least until the World Cup. (She doesn’t realise this footballing feast is occurring in June. Poor thing is in for a shock!)

It’s been an amazing season for me, with two 100/1+ winning football bets (Benfica and Tampines Rovers, take a bow). These profits were made by using my DRT methodology.

If you want to see the method behind the mad-priced winners, then for one weekend only, I’ll be opening the DRT live chat doors to all comers.

DRT is Delay-React-Trade, my football trading club where we look to find low-risk, high-reward trades and bets.

If you want to follow the end of the season and get access to some of the best statistical angles in-play, then come along to www.whatreallywinsmoney.co.uk and look for the DRT live chat, which will begin on Saturday at 2.30 p.m. and on Sunday at a time to be announced (traffic notwithstanding, as I have to go away in the morning to return for kick-off!).

I’ve got a secret weapon to show you in these live sessions, which DRT members have been profiting from. It’s the use of in-play statistics such as:

  • shots on target
  • shots off target
  • corners
  • possession stats

Just these four stats on their own can highlight superb betting and trading opportunities in all in-play football matches at Betfair.

This is a new betting angle for me, and is something I think you should be aware of for the World Cup, and then the new domestic and European seasons in 2014/2015.

There is one free resource at www.squawka.com which provides stats for matches as they are played. Rball is another site and they do feature the odd game at their website. Bet365 use their stats for their in-play coverage. And FootyGoat is another website with in play stats potential.

I would recommend that you get used to reading the in-play stats because they can really highlight those underdog teams who dominate matches.

Here’s a look at those four in-play elements again:

Shots on target. This is the key stat. If one team has had six shots on target, and the other side none, who do you think will score next?

Shots off target. Shots off target are equally as important. The way to read shots off target is to combine them with shots on target in order to get an overall picture of the team who is attacking the goal the most.

Corner stats. The team with the most corners suggests that this team is the team doing the most attacking. Imagine then, that there is a team who are dominating shots on target and have had five corners to their opponent’s none, it becomes obvious who’ll more likely score next.

Possession. Quite simply, you cannot score if you don’t have the ball!

I look forward to seeing you at www.whatreallywinsmoney.co.uk for my weekend end-of-season live chats. End-of-season fancy dress is optional!

We’ll be going World Cup crazy next weekend. See you then.

Have a great weekend and Happy Liberation Day, Guernsey!

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