Give my horse a nose job!

There’s nothing more frustrating than backing a horse at odds of 75 and watching it come second by a nose. Why can’t horses I back have that Barry Manilow/Pinocchio big conker gene?

That’s what happened this week with my each way picks, offered for free at to members of What Really Wins Money.

So near to another whopping payout to couple with my 142-odds winner earlier in May. The each way selections have been ticking over recently and I wait patiently for a massive-odds payout. I just hope the next horse at big odds has a big, big hooter!

With no newsletter in July, I’ll be using my time to provide a lot more information at, from form-reading horse races to how to research football and tennis matches.

Meanwhile, with the World Cup in full flow, I’ll be providing my statistical take on the matches for free to everyone.

If you like the way I research the football, then you can sign up for my Delay React Trade research just in time for the new football season…

Imagine getting all of the matches statistically researched for you, all of the best betting angles for the major matches at your fingertips, most days before 9.00 a.m.! That’s what I provide for my DRT customers… And they love it!

Marcel(lo) the clown

The World Cup opening match was a great trading opportunity yesterday for DRT followers and those who have taken my advice in these here eletters – advice about delaying entry into matches in order to get potentially better odds.

Enter Marcello to score a fine own goal for Croatia yesterday. And boom! Brazil’s odds rise, we back Brazil at these enhanced odds, and they win 3-1.

Easy as shelling peas!

Do watch out for the bookmaker offers. I’ll try to make you aware of them on my Twitter @whatreallywins.

For the Brazil game, for instance, William Hill were offering a tempting evens about Brazil, albeit only a £20 limit. Still, that was superb value for the lightning-quick amongst you. Similarly there were tempting free bet offers from Bwin.

So, I’ll try to keep you abreast of the juiciest free bet and enhanced bet offers on Twitter when I come across them.

How were last week’s eletter tips?

135 Epsom – in this race I advised looking for a winner between 5/1 and 10/1 and the first four horses were priced at 9/1, 7/1, 5/1 and 7/1 – so I hope that helped you profit.

205 Epsom – I pointed towards a horse under 7/1 winning, and indeed another favourite won, as they did consecutively in 2005 and 2006. The first three home were all under 9/2.

240 Epsom – I advised avoiding the favourite here (it won!) but backing a horse under 8/1 each-way. Well the two horses under 8/1 finished first and second so that was a good call.

4pm Epsom – this was the derby and I went for Australia as I was in Australia. Yes, this was a complicated selection I spent hours on. Well, Aiden O’Brien made it a hat-trick and Australia won.

450 Epsom – I pointed to the youngsters in this race and the 4-year-olds came first, second and fourth so a solid call there.

I hope you can see how past winners research, as found at the race cards at, can help to shortlist a field and provide a good supply of winning and placed horses.

I’m off now to cheer on the Socceroos. I have to, really!

Have a great weekend and remember to check out for my football research for this World Cup for free, and Twitter for any juicy bookmaker bonuses.

Have a great weekend.

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