Get that school-tie on, polish your shoes and make a fresh start this week with your online business…

The start of September is my favourite time of year. It’s often said that spring heralds new beginnings, but, for me, there is something  fresh and untainted about September that always puts a spring in my step.

Maybe it’s because I have a certain degree of Peter Pan syndrome so am always looking back to my school days: a new pair of shoes and a shiny pencil case – and the brilliant sensation of opening up a new exercise book in every subject, aiming for great things and neater handwriting each new year.

(Yes, I was a swot at school.)

And so, with my love of September, I got to work on the latest issue of the Internet Income Detective newsletter that lands with subscribers this weekend.

I want to make things new and fresh for us all again, and maybe – who knows – taking us all up a level in our Internet Marketing learning at the same time.

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I can’t believe we’ve never talked about this…

It’s quite odd, on reflection, that, here at Internet Income Detective we have almost completely neglected what is one of the fastest-growing and, to me, most fascinating segments of the online entrepreneurial world: vlogging.

So a big part of the forthcoming newsletter is looking at the opportunities ‘vlogs’ present, and how exactly you can get started if you’d like to give it a go.

I adore vlogging. People can sit down in front of their video or web cameras and talk about anything, from politics to pop culture.

In simple terms, they can then simply upload their videos to YouTube and share their opinions with the world, and make a great income doing so.

But what is it exactly that makes some vloggers rise to the top, while others fall by the wayside? That’s the question I hope this issue answers for you.

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As always, we want to ensure we have something for everyone, so inside this issue you will also find some practical and straightforward advice on traffic – the cornerstone of every online venture.

In this issue, we’re focusing on (never-ending) changes to search-engine marketing, and how you can use these changes to your advantage (rather than worrying about them).

You see, If you want to get to and stay at the top of the search engine results page (SERP) for your niche and specific keywords, it’s very important to stay aware of, and (if possible) ahead of, search engine result page trends. It’s also important to remember what the job of a search engine is.

Like most businesses, Google (and Bing etc) want to deliver to their audience an excellent service, so that they use the service again and again.

As a search engine, their job is to return quality, accurate and valuable results to their audience, the searcher. ??It is certainly not their job to take care of you, the website owner. (Or me either – in fact, they have downright neglected me at times!)

The searcher is their target audience and what the searcher needs is of utmost importance. Knowing that the searcher is the target audience can help you better understand why Google sometimes change their algorithms, rules, terms, and more.

Of course, the changes send bloggers, affiliate marketers, and online marketers into a blind panic, but the entire point of the change is to end the success of spammers, unqualified websites, and out-and-out scammers, so that search engines like Google can deliver higher quality results.

We need to think of these changes as a good thing. They allow us to better plan our websites and content so that we are ranking well in the search engine results pages.

The truth is that business owners who have brilliant content offer value to searchers, and avoid loopholes and ‘tricks’ for quick results: they will be more than likely to succeed in getting ‘organic’ traffic from Google and other search engines than others.

Having said all that, in this issue we will be taking a look at changes to search engines and how they work for us. I’ll also have lots of practical advice on how to stay ahead of the pack in getting good rankings for your sites or online ventures/pages/profile/listings etc.

As well as that, I will run you through a few products/books/sites that I’ve been using recently and tell you if they are worth your while.

On his website in the members’ area, I will be adding (in the next few days) a selection of additional resources and downloads.

We have another expert interview: this time with a very successful blogger and Internet Marketer.

I have more information on vlogging and the practical elements of getting set up as a successful vlogger.

As well as that, we have some new guides going up on social media marketing, which start at the very beginning with step-by-step guides to getting professional profiles and pages set up on all the main sites (Twitter, Facebook etc).

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Have a productive start to your September and send me links to your vlogs! I’d love to see them ( I’ll even promise to subscribe.

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