Funnel Kit by Emilis Strimaitis, Review

 Product name: Funnel Kit

Product author: Emilis Strimaitis

Price: $17 for five-domains or $27 for the unlimited package

Where to buy:

Funnel Kit is a WordPress plug-in which creates convertor-effective sales funnels, helping you build bigger, more responsive lists and (hopefully) resulting in more sales more frequently.

It’s from Emilis Strimaitis, who looks like a spritely young man with his ‘thumb up’ expression in the photograph on the Funnel Kit sales page. But I can’t help noticing that in the picture he’s selected to represent him on his sales platform, the wall behind him is in need of a bad case of retiling. All I can see is tile glue where tiles once were!

By the by you might think, but for someone who’s reportedly ‘been making a great living as a programming and graphic design expert for almost 11 years now’, you’d think he’d have managed to redecorate.

What, you might be wondering, is a sales funnel? Well, it’s an apt metaphor to describe the sales process from first contact to final sale. The further down the funnel the customer goes, the more in readiness they are to commit to and make the final purchase.

The secrets to creating a good funnel are great squeeze pages and sales letters with outstanding copy, exceptional marketing strategies, and – of course – having a genuinely good product at the end of it.

You can buy Funnel Kit from Halfords – sorry: wrong funnel kit. The online marketing Funnel Kit from Emilis Strimaitis is sold from a slightly wordy and typically hyped-up sales page under the headline: ‘Discover How To Easily Create Massively Converting Sales Funnels In Just 3 Minutes’.

The Funnel Kit sales page reliably tells us: ‘for every 100 prospects who visit your page, only 2 to 15 people will join your list … Granted a 15% opt-in rate isn’t necessarily a bad result […] But what if I told you that you could easily ramp up your conversion rates to as high as 84.4%, 74.3%, 81.5% and 77.2% like clockwork? (Yes, those are 100% real numbers).’

There are a plethora of similar funneling products out there, so what exactly makes Emilis Strimaitis’ Funnel Kit different and unique?

The most innovative form my perspective is the integration of a geographical-specific WordPress plug-in called ‘GEOptin’: when applied, ‘Every single visitor that lands on your site will see a PAGE THAT IS UNIQUE TO THEIR LOCATION’

People see a map of their city in place of a regular, generic background image. This is variable according to whether you set it to IP address, town, city, county, or country – or you can create pages that will say: ‘This offer is available for residents living in %City%’, or ‘Special system that works in %Country% too!’.  The idea is to make your visitor feel like home and therefore be relaxed enough to increase conversions.

You can also choose to select any YouTube video as your full-screen background, simply by copying and pasting the video’s details. Or there’s a drag-and-drop editor for pictures, html, or webform data.

It’s also a user-friendly plug in, with a well-presented admin panel and a webform style editor for creating those squeeze pages.

Funnel Kit is compatible with many squeeze page prgrammes that you may already be using – such as Empower Network, Pure Leverage, Big Idea Mastermind, EZ Money Method, Dot Com Secrets X, Neucopia, My Online Business Empire, or similar. You can then take your old squeeze page templates and breathe new life into them.

There’s a ‘callout’ messages function, which is something I’ve not seen before. Callouts are small messages that appear on your page – designed to grab the attention of your visitor, increase the scarcity and/or build trust. They are supposedly ‘ridiculous conversion boosters’ and you can time them so they appear exactly as you want.

On top of all this, there is an excellent training resource in the form of video and written manuals, in which all the features of Funnel Kit are explained.

Additionally, the sales page is full of examples of squeeze pages and sales pages and there’s a video gallery of video testimonials; and the two bonuses are pretty good too.

The price is good value for money: Funnel Kit costs $17 for a five-domain license and $27 for an unlimited domain license (30-day money-back guarantee).

Overall, a recommended tool.





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