From Galway and Goodwood to… goals!

It’s August. It’s the new football season. Now is the perfect time for you to plan your assault on the bookies and the betting exchanges.

In this eletter I’d like to share with you a few websites you might find useful in helping you to make better choices football-wise.

I start with This is THE website I refer to whenever I write football-related articles for What Really Wins Money.

Soccerstats is the one stats website I rely on in order to research football matches, and you should too.

You’ll find a stat to match your betting market of choice. Here are some markets whose stats are available at Soccerstats:

  • Over/Under 2.5 Goals. If you want to focus on the Over/Under 2.5 Goals betting market.
  • Halftime Score. My niche here? Find matches where teams tend to score before halftime and then lay the 0-0 in the Halftime Score market.
  • Scores at home and halftime scores at home. If a match is 0-0 at halftime, does it tend to be 0-0 at full-time? You can have, as your niche, a focus on the second-half betting.
  • The Challenge Table. This table shows you how teams perform home and away against top-third, middle-third, and lower-third teams. There’s that famous stat – Arsenal tend not to beat any top-five team away from home. That has been the case for the last two seasons – in the season before Arsenal only beat one of the top-ten away from home.
  • The Goal Times Table. With an ability to bet in-running, you can determine (if a match has not seen a goal) whether a goal is to be expected.

I have just scratched the surface with this website. It is a must if you are to bet in the football. Basic research will give you a head-start over the lazy punter.

Next on my list is Here you can check on teams’ head-to-heads.

This website is especially useful for cup matches and European club competitions, because you can filter a team’s results by competition, as well as by home, away, and all matches. Get to know this site well. It also features a calendar for up-coming matches.

Then we have If you want some considered opinion, and excellent free write-ups on matches, this is a great resource.

Ignore, if you can, the multitude of adverts. See if the tipsters’ arguments resonate with you. I use this website sometimes to get an opinion on tougher-to-call matches.

These three will keep you busy. The Premier League begins next week, the English Championship this week.

So decide on your niche – first-half goals; Over 2.5 Goals; Match Odds; betting/trading in-play…

Do your research. It need not be in-depth. Get a flavour for teams and do not bet blind (i.e., just on a feeling without evidence to back it up)!

I can do all of the heavy lifting for you. This time of year, until May, I will be researching all elite league matches. Check out for more information.

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