Free Traffic (and Four Quick and Easy Ways to Get It)

So many places to sell your goods online … many charging a fortune to send traffic to your product listings … but without traffic you’re not going to sell much, if anything at all.

So do you pay places like eBay and Amazon, Etsy and other sites a chunk of your takings to let you list products and tap into their buyer base, or do you find your own free and low cost traffic?

The answer is probably ‘both of those things’; you forfeit a sizeable portion of your profits to attract traffic from major third party marketplaces and you work at driving traffic yourself through low cost and no cost marketing options.

You already know about most high price options and this feature reveals a few of many ways to drive traffic without handing over most of your profits in the process.

First of all, not every option listed here will suit you or your product all of the time. So your first step to getting useful free and low cost traffic is to:

– Choose marketing options to suit your current product range.


– Choose products to suit currently most effective free and low cost marketing trends.

All of which ensures every second you spend promoting a product actually ends up making you money.

Here are a few marketing options and ideas for using them:

#1. eBay (with similar options at other sites, such as Amazon and Etsy)

Simply creating quality listings will improve traffic.

You could start by using high frequency search terms in your titles and descriptions, creating professional gallery images that make your listings stand out in search returns, as well as complying with requirements entitling you to higher placement in on-site search returns – on eBay, for example, offering free postage and express delivery will earn you the coveted Top-Rated Seller icon and discounts on final selling fees.

Read about it at:

Also at eBay and some other sites:

– Create guides and product reviews. Both help you rank in outside eBay search returns, as well as attracting interest inside of eBay. Guides and product reviews contain your eBay User ID and will lead to some readers clicking through to your listings and making a purchase.

Sign up to create an eBay newsletter to distribute to people subscribing to your mailing list. As eBay says: ‘… you create newsletters that promote your store and send them to members of your mailing lists. You can even create newsletters that are automatically sent on a regular basis, such as a weekly newsletter that promotes your latest listings.’

Learn how to do it at:

– Include a compliments slip inside outgoing orders. Offer a price discount voucher or free guide or other useful item to people signing up to your email list outside of eBay. Where you use eBay’s own newsletter, you are bound by eBay’s rules and must share your profits with eBay; using an independent email service you can sell items direct to buyers and keep all the money to yourself. Recommended independent email services include aWeber ( and Constant Contact (

Note: People targeting business sellers on eBay can participate in forums and attempt solutions to problems experienced by sellers, ending up with a link to products those people might want to buy. Useful product ideas: delivery services, packaging materials, manufacturing supplies.

Compile email addresses of buyers using PayPal or otherwise providing their main email address. Add names and addresses to your email provider software. You are free to add your own customer contact details as long as you provide a fast and easy way for subscribers to remove themselves from your list.

#2. Twitter

Twitter users can add an avatar to their profile and Tweets. An eye-catching design carrying product name and image, as well as email address and website url tempts fellow Twitter users to learn more about you and your products.

Users can link to marketing websites from inside their Twitter bio section or to an eBay shop or other third party marketplace direct or using a custom domain forwarding link.

Twitter’s search box allows users to find current and past conversations relating to specific products and brand names. Users can join in the discussion by offering help and useful information, and soon afterwards begin mentioning their own products and places to buy them.

#3. Pinterest

Pinterest is a picture site where users add a short description or caption to images they upload. Recently, Pinterest has introduced buy buttons and paid for advertising options which you can read about at:

Free promotional tools are also available, the most effective being the Pin It button provided alongside most third party marketplace listings. Click Pinterest’s icon inside your own eBay listings, for instance, and your image and a short description of your product will be visible on Pinterest and linked to your product offer.

Numerous other ways to promote your products can be found on Pinterest’s home page at

#4. Breed Purple Cows

A purple cow stands out from the crowd and is quite unlike anything anyone has seen before, or ever expected to see. Purple Cow, a term coined by marketing guru Seth Godin, describes a product so unusual that people are forced to share details of its existence and help make news of the product go viral.

The way to find a purple cow is to rear one yourself, by creating your own unique product or have someone create it for you. It could be a fad or gimmick or simply a new take on an established product.

How to find purple cows belonging to other people and use them to brainstorm your own new stock?

One way is to visit Trend Hunter at and I bet the home page provides multiple ideas for you to create your own purple cows with thousands more on other pages. Such as today:

– Small kennels with tiny look out holes and plenty of fresh air points for dogs to be parked outside of shops while their humans go inside.

–  Tiny pre-fabricated houses that can be constructed in two or three hours and used in similar ways to tents and caravans. But they are much more comfortable and easier to transport and provide more secure full-time living accommodation.

– Scented socks in a can.

– Four ties in one. Ties have a different design each side. Turn them inside out for two more different designs.

Then, when you find your own purple cow, you can promote it using the traffic generating ideas included in today’s eLetter and more to come in next week’s edition!

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