Find out about a new horse racing betting strategy in this month’s WRWM

Under construction! It’s that time of the month again: August’s edition of What Really Wins Money is heading to the printers shortly. So what’s in store this month?

We start with the Patriarch who shares with us a little-known treasure at Betfair, revealing the two teams last season, who, if you’d backed them to level stakes, would have returned a pretty penny! I bet you can’t guess who those two teams are!

Additionally, the Statman regales us with more superb horse racing stats.

I introduce readers to some excellent Betfair trading software, as well as some freely available horse racing strategy videos, which are perfectly suited to this software. Master this horse racing pre-race trading strategy, and you could be making £5 to £10 per race! All free resources which could win you money!

I continue my love-in with the Basic Lay Ladder staking plan. Why? Quite simply, it’s making me money at the moment, and will make you money too. Not everyone is a fan of loss-retrieval – but if done in the right way, this staking plan coupled with the correct lay selection strategy (which I have) will make continuous profit. I have three more horse racing strategies which are working with the Basic Lay Ladder.

I look at how to research matches when there is no form (as happens at the beginning of a new season). The strategy came up along with the 0-3 Manchester City win against West Brom. Tomorrow sees the start of the German Bundesliga (Bayern Munich open it all up tonight in fact), so this is the strategy I’ll be employing in order to find members of profitable trading angles.

There’s the usual round-up of Home-Grown betting systems, where I uncover the odd gem such as the 3-5-8 lay strategy – which has turned a £100 into over £2,000 in less than a year and that’s by laying favourites! Try getting that return with your bank’s saving account!

The usual saints and sinners are rounded up with the System and Tipsters Update.


The US PGA Golf Championship began yesterday, seeing Dustin Johnson charge as he did in the Open in Scotland, only to find his lead over the four days diminish.

I am quite taken by a bet on Rory McIlroy and Jordan Spieth. Both players are currently available at odds of 10.5 and are worth a bet for me, with one eye on trading. Jordan Spieth in particular is the next star of the sport, who was oh-so-close to Open victory and whose odds in that tournament went from 14.5 to 3.5, allowing some excellent back-to-lay trading. This page offers a good starting point for you if you want to learn how to trade sports.

Vorsprung Durch Technik

As mentioned above, the German Bundesliga kicks off tonight. It’s one of tomorrow’s teams who I would like to alert you to: Hoffenheim. If they continue on their merry way, then you’ll be able to profit from this one team all season long.

I spoke to you about niches last week. Hoffenheim are one of my team niches each season, because they are so consistent(ly bad!!).

Last season, with Hoffenheim, there were an average of three goals per match. There were only 2 0-0 matches all last season.

Hoffenheim had only six matches last season, which finished 0-0 at halftime. Both teams scored in 65% of their matches last season.

With a team like Hoffenheim, I would:

  • Lay in the 0-0 Halftime Score market
  • Back in the Both Teams To Score market
  • Lay Hoffenheim if they lead 2-0

I do note that one of their players – Firmino – was an expensive purchase for Liverpool FC.

On the Premier League front this Sunday, two of the top-four teams – Arsenal and Chelsea – are in play, and both sides are yet to win this season.

Arsenal are involved in another London derby, away to Crystal Palace, and this match already looks like a must-win for Arsenal.

Chelsea, drawing in their opening match, are away to Manchester City in a match which will help determine the title at season-end. At least one team will drop points tomorrow. Two consecutive 1-1 draws in head-to-heads for Manchester City and Chelsea would be a very unwelcome result for Chelsea so early on in the season. I would chance a 1-0/0-1 win in this clash of the Titans. Similarly, I expect Arsenal to push for their first win of the season. Arsenal have scored two goals in each of the last four matches with Crystal Palace.

Arsenal led 0-2 away at Crystal Palace in the last head-to-head before a 90th minute Palace win. I do think Arsenal are more likely to win. 1-2, or 0-2 correct score? This is a must-win for Arsenal already.

If you want more in-depth football analysis, join for free.

I’m off to cheer Rory and Jordan in the PGA!

Have a great weekend!