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Heads up on this fantastic “Retro Ghetto Blaster” which I discovered on my sourcing travels…

Wow… The 80’s are back in town with this quintessential item to have on your shoulder during that iconic era. An original Ghetto Blaster with detachable speakers. Like all things “retro,” this product is very current. Selling for c£39.99 on eBay with a similar price point being achieved on Amazon this item can be purchased wholesale from Wholesale Clearance UK for £17.50 + VAT per unit.  No trade account or sign up is required from this wholesaler and in my opinion is well worth investigating in the build-up to the festive season.

About Wholesale Clearance UK

Wholesale Clearance UK Ltd are an online leading UK supplier of high-quality stock to the trade and public. Our goods sell for much lower prices than our competitors, so you can increase your profit margin. Customers of Wholesale Clearance include market traders, private traders, carboot sellers and eBay traders worldwide.

At Wholesale Clearance there is no trade account or signup necessary. With the click of a mouse, you can easily buy and sell branded clothes, footwear, candles, gift stock and more. Whether you’re seeking a constant supply of pallets or are just breaking into the industry, you’ll find an ever-changing selection of stock at any given time”.

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