Easy Member Site Creator by Alex Albert: Review

Product name: Easy Member Site Creator

Product author: Alex Albert

Price: $9.97

Where to buy: http://alexpresents.com/EasyMembershipSite

Easy Member Site Creator is a piece of software that is a means to create monetised membership sites with ease and speed.

The author is Alex Albert and the price for the Easy Member Site Creator software is a very affordable and good value one-time charge of just $9.97 (with a 45-day money-back guarantee).

The sales page is not too hyped-up by the standards of similar products, and you’re genuinely told what you’ll be getting before you buy. The headline for that sales page is testimony to this: ‘Fill in the Blanks, Push a Button & Out Pops a Full Operational Members Site Complete With Secure Download Pages in Under 15 Minutes…’

The same brevity seen in the headline is also seen in the software’s generation of the monetized website – and that’s where Easy Member Site Creator just doesn’t cut the mustard for me… I’ll explain more on that in just a moment…

Once you’ve typed in your credit card details, you’re offered the usual gamut of upsells and free bonuses (three free ebooks in this instance), and you can then access a link to download the software.

There’s a members’ area on the Easy Member Site Creator website, which isn’t very active, but it does give some insight into membership sites and why they’re the best way to build lists and sell products or make affiliate earnings.

Membership sites to promote and sell information products (your own, or through private label resell rights) are the main method of money generation for the sites that Easy Member Site Creator builds: ‘There are two things if done right are guaranteed to bring you massive amounts of passive and residual income, those are list building and membership sites. Combine the two and you have a power packed income strategy.’

The accompanying instructions show you that you can create a secure membership site – multiply – in just ‘four simple steps’: ‘The problem is that getting the two set up and working together [a membership site and a list building source] can be a complicated nightmare… and certainly not easily duplicated over and over again.’

It is a simple-to-use piece of software: you basically adapt each website to your specific product, then copy and paste the code. The author of Easy Member Site Creator says: ‘When I first set out to create this software my ultimate goal was to make it quick and easy to use. What I came up with is a software anyone can use no matter what your skill level: just answer a few easy questions then just copy and paste two lines of code.’

Five minutes is all it takes… But, as hinted at above, this speed and the churning out of site after site is where this product just isn’t for me.

It comes down – again – to what should really fuel you when making money online: passion. You should make money through methods and products that you’re passionate about – otherwise it’s going to be one long, heartless, lifeless, lightless slog.

Churning out membership site after membership site for flogging products that aren’t close to your heart or haven’t been written by you just results in many similar paint-by-numbers sites that will not only be similar to so many other people’s websites, but they’ll be similar to each other too.

The Easy Member Site Creator software is user-friendly, you can use it with any download page and it makes the respective downloads secure (although quite why you’d want a PLR product to be so secure is beyond me), and you can add as many upsells, downsells and one-time-offers as you like.

That’s all well and good and is very reasonably priced, but it still doesn’t escape from the fact that none of this is really yours, from the heart.

You’ll be just like all those multitudes of sellers who flog recycled and churned about electronic information products and who increasingly make the Internet more of a quagmire than it already is.

For that reason, I’m out.

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