Dream Your Way To Profit (Is it possible?).

Something a little different this week but worth mentioning because as coincidence’s go this one is crazy!

Every now and then I have dreams that are very strong and vivid and quiet different from my normal day to day dreams. Now when these dreams are  gambling related as a bit of fun I try and decipher if there are any hidden clues in there to future winners. Yes i/m open to anything in pursuit of winner finding!

Now before you dial straightjackets.com please bare with me as my strike rate for these bets from beyond the cosmos so far is 100%!  Its just a shame Í don’t get them every night!

My first was over a decade ago when I dreamt that Villa beat Derby 2-1 at Villa park. It so happened that I was invited as part of a stag party day out to the very same match and that in itself was a major coincidence in my opinion – or was it?

Anyway Derby took the lead and were 1-0 up at Half-Time. Oh well I thought, it was worth a correct score bet as a bit of fun. However and it’s a big HOWEVER Villa went onto equalize and then snatched a winner and bang my correct score bet was in!  Add to that many of my stag party friends were also delighted as they too followed my prediction or should I say premonition?

Next was a dream about the great Alex Ferguson or should I say Sir Alex Ferguson. I was chatting to him in the parade ring at York about his Grade One superstar ‘Rock Of Gibraltar’.

Anyway the next day I searched for Alex Ferguson owned horses and noted just the one running for which I had a decent sized bet only for it to lose. Oh well one out of two isn’t to bad I thought.

Now here’s where it gets interesting. I double checked all the winning owners for that day and completely overlooked the other Alex Ferguson owned horse. The horse was called ‘Red Pike’ that ran at Doncaster and guess what? Yes it won, and not only that at a juicy 8/1..Grrrrr!!

Moving on to recent weeks I had another Vivid dream that I could have swore was not a dream.

For this one I was at Newbury and every runner I backed finished second. I turned to Gordon Ramsey (yes dreams can be rather mixed up) and said shame I can’t back them all to finish second.

Next morning I woke and the first thing that caught my attention was a pair of weighing scales made by a company called Bracknell as below.


Now when I looked at the scales I thought isn’t that a town in Berkshire the same county as Newbury and remember my dream was that I was at Newbury racecourse?

Now Its not exactly the same spelling but Bracknell in Berkshire but were only an ‘e’ out!

Dream Your Way To Profit (Is it possible?).

I then scoured the racecards and found this horse!

Dream Your Way To Profit (Is it possible?).

Now as mentioned earlier all of the horses I backed in my dream finished second, so that was my cue to Lay Berkshire Savvy to lose and below is the result;

Dream Your Way To Profit (Is it possible?).

Yes Second!…Now come on, are you telling me all the above is just a mighty coincidence? Well it probably is but who cares as that’s 3 out 3 for my Vivid dream tipping service!

I say why don’t the gods just give me the name of the blinking horse to back or lay instead of having me to work out these cryptic clues? On the same lines why don’t UFO’s just land and have a beer with us instead of being in the distance in fuzzy pictures?

Well maybe the gods want me to work for my money and not to give it me on a plate? The plot thickens?

Either way next time I promise to give all WRWM readers advance notice of such signals from beyond. We can then all party together with our millions in the Bahamas. Then again maybe not!

Making Money Football Trading…

A very clear heading and no this doesn’t involve dreaming to make profits. Its all about simply following what my very astute colleague Clive Keeling advises in his live football trading sessions. I’ve joined many of these live sessions over the past and walked away with some very tidy profits indeed.

Watch out for an exclusive low cost invitation for his service very soon!

Mums Tipple….

Well it’s not everyday you see a horse win by 11 lengths in a 6f race while giving weight away to the others in the race who also had very decent form.

Well the 2.25 at York’s Ebor meeting on Thursday just blew me away. Usually when a horse accelerates it’s an illusion caused by the others in the race treading water or slowing down giving the impression the leader is accelerating away from the pack.

In this race however Mums Tipple just keeps on accelerating ‘away’ from the pack and at tremendous speed!! Class! Have a look here particularly from 1 furlong out to the line:


I was on ‘Show Me Show Me’ in that race and was more than confident of a collecting but ‘Mum’s Tipple’ soon confined my money into the hands of the layers on the exchanges…

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