Don’t miss out on this place laying strategy…

I’m busier than the Krankies trying to drum up support for a Yes in the Scottish Independence referendum. It’s newsletter week this week and I’ve got some great strategies for What Really Wins Money readers in September’s edition.

I shared with you a YouTube video in a recent eletter, which showed, with a bit of the old Miss Marple, how you can uncover betting ideas for free. Well, in September’s newsletter, I reveal my take on the place laying strategy which was mentioned in that video. (Think of place laying as the direct opposite of each-way betting. In each-way betting, we back a horse to win, and place. With place laying, we want our horse to finish outside of the places.)

I offer up two strategies: one of which is simplicity itself, although its staking plan is a little riskier.

I’ll also reveal a couple of interesting Both Teams to Score strategies in the newsletter this month. This is a simple football bet, where we back Yes if we think both teams will score, and No if we think only one team will score (or the match will finish 0-0).

I’ve been happy with my strike-rate using the strategy, so I’ll share it with What Really Wins Money readers this month. I’ll also start posting selections at (for members) and for the remainder of the football season.

I’ve been pleased with the ‘Home-Grown’ systems featured in What Really Wins Money. They seem to be ticking along nicely. They all have one thing in common: not a sniff of any form research required! An ability to read will qualify you to make these selections!

The Patriarch this month shows us how to exploit the horse racing promotions at and reminds readers of an excellent little horse racing strategy which Racing Post newspaper readers can employ.

The Statman shows us how to use the Official Handicapper’s hard work to make us a decent profit, and his system is ideal for this new All-Weather season which will be up and running soon.

The newsletter will be winging its way to you quicker than the First Minister for Scotland’s private jet. Sign up for it here.

Any equine plastic surgeons available?

Horses and their fecking noses! That’s my week in a nutshell! I do free each-way bets for What Really Wins Money readers at and have been struck with a case of neck-and-nose seconds. I’m pleading with you now: if you know any equine plastic surgeons who can give my each-way selections a Barry Manilow nose, then please get in touch. Or anyone who can extend the necks of horses I back, please contact me!

Two neck seconds yesterday at odds of 14.5 and 6.8 cost me and readers a pretty penny. On 17 September, a nose-second at 9.83 and a neck-neck third at odds of 52.65 odds brought tears to my eyes. Still, it shows that each-way betting has its place! Recent winners though at odds of 15, 7.77 and 5.5 did bring some solace!

The stats that matter!

Do check out by midday on Saturday 20 September, where I’ll be posting the really stand-out football stats that you can profit from, for free!

These are the best of the weekend stats. I’ll be offering free advice for you to profit from them this weekend. If you want more in-depth research, then you’ll have to join, but for now I’m sure you’ll find these new ‘killer stats’ an excellent source of betting angles.

I’m off now to ‘walk 500 miles, and walk 500 more’ just to get away from those fecking politicians who’ve been hogging the limelight this week!

Have a great weekend.