Do you find this offensive?

Do you find this offensive?

I was going to talk about the EU Referendum vote today, but changed my mind.

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting sick of all the claims and counter claims, so it will just have to keep.

Far more important and potentially life changing (in my humble opinion) is the impending opening of the new Ignite Ultra programme this Thursday 16th June.

If you didn’t know already, I’m looking for serious, hard-working people to help start and run their own online business based on your interests, skills and goals.

You can also benefit if you already have an online (or offline) business.

I have assembled a crack team of marketers, copywriters, web consultants, editors, publicists, designers and publishers to support and advise you through the whole set up.

And our aim is to help you to build a business that makes AT LEAST £100,000 net profit – hopefully a lot more.

Just pop your details in HERE and I’ll send you all the info before the launch.

Right, the next bit is rather delicate….

I’m turning into a Shock Jock Podcaster!

Last week I released episode 2 of my new podcast series, the eponymously titled The Laight Show.

Despite covering important online business and digital marketing issues such as turning your passions into a profitable business, generating trust and authority plus the persuasive power of deadlines… some people were offended by the episode title!

Warning: if you are unable to take a joke… or find mild Carry On like double entendre’s evidence that we are living in the end times, then pleased – PLEASE – don’t listen to the latest podcast.

In fact don’t even go near iTunes or SoundCloud or Sticher.

For some reason a few delicate souls found the title so offensive, they emailed to say that I should never EVER send them such filth again.

A shame, because if they had actually listened to the podcast they would have found it cleaner than a frog’s armpit (no, I hadn’t heard that term before either, but apparently it is a well-known saying in the US Southern states!)

Right, if you can raise yourself above the cheeky title, then I think you might find it a worthwhile listen.

You can listen to it on iTunes or SoundCloud or Sticher

Oh and don’t forget to preregister by clicking here (it’s free) for more info on the new Ignite Ultra programme.



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