Do a Day’s Work and Have a Big Celebration Twelve Months from Now

Today I’ve been reading about people who have latched onto a very simple and lucrative idea.

We’re talking about “one page websites” – a smart way to attract heavy traffic and enjoy regular commissions from affiliate promotions alongside sales of your own products.

Numerous people I researched have one page websites, each taking just a few hours to create and using a domain name featuring whatever product or subject is promoted at the site, along with a solitary keyword rich article reflecting the site’s main theme.

You’ll need to dedicate a few more hours to promoting the site, either the same day the site is created or at future intervals.

But that’s about all it takes.

And here’s the real beauty of this one page website idea: with decent traffic visiting the site and just a couple of pounds profit each week, the site can make one hundred pounds plus each year (52 weeks x £2 weekly profit) and possibly sell outright for ten times that amount.

Even if a domain name and site and one good article sells outright for just two or three hundred pounds, that’s still a great profit for a site taking a day at most to create.

Operating costs are minimal and most larger domain providers and website hosting companies, like GoDaddy, my particular favourite, provide a domain name and website builder for just £12 for the first year.

The cost increases thereafter. Take that small amount from your site’s potential resale value and sell out before the special hosting and domain name offer expires, and we are talking very good profits indeed!

Three reasons why you should try this

Now, before revealing how this idea works, let me say why I personally think one page websites are such a good idea:

1) Anyone can build a massive website and anyone can drive copious traffic to that site, but few people want to spend their entire working day doing either or both of those things.

Not everyone wants to fill their time writing about the same subject and risk their content being stolen and used on other people’s sites and sometimes find their own sites penalised in search returns on grounds of duplicate content.

Instead, create lots of sites on many different subjects and that way your day will be varied and content stolen from one site can be replaced with another unique article taking a few hours at most to create.

2) If yours is a trending topic, then your massive website could become redundant when the trend dies. That shouldn’t happen with lots of smaller websites, or even just one small to medium size site built around a permanently popular subject.

3) It’s easy to get set up. For the purpose of this article, a one page website – sometimes called a ‘landing page’ because it’s where visitors land at the site – can be just one article on a website or blog, a handful of posts on free blogging platforms like and, a single sign up box for visitors to join your mailing list, even a solitary product listing on Amazon, Etsy and eBay.

Big Problem: because content is limited, most one page websites are ignored by mainstream search engines and on their own will drive little or no traffic at all.

So these small sites need a helping hand to attract sufficient visitors to make the site profitable and ultimately sell for ten or more times their annual profit turnover.

How to make a successful one-page site

That said: one page sites can sometimes influence search engines, especially with content regularly updated to include recent news stories and trends affecting the site’s main topic.

Several current studies show that sites rich in news stories tend to rank higher in search returns and are indexed faster than sites with historical and unchangeable data. So spend thirty minutes each month updating your page and the rewards should be reflected in higher potential resale values for your one page sites.

Here are some website building and traffic generating ideas to start with and you can perform the promotional tasks immediately your content is published or across the indefinite future:

• Study websites and domain names attracting the highest resale prices on sites like and Model your new creations on websites with subjects attracting the highest number of bidders, some possibly still interested in buying when your site comes up for sale.

• Use a domain name reflecting one of the highest frequency search termsfor your subject.  Use the same search word or phrase as the title of your content and in tags for images at the site. Include your chosen keyword or phrase several times throughout the text, especially in the first and last paragraphs.

Do not keyword stuff the article – basically throwing in keywords to influence search engines, while providing no obvious benefits for people reading your article. Three uses of the word or phrase every one hundred words is usually okay but I personally stick to two appearances per one hundred words, spread evenly across my content.

• The fastest and possibly easiest way to drive traffic is by writing anduploading short articles to article directories. Use your main keyword or key phrase in the title of the article and two or three times for every one hundred words written.

Do not use the same article in your own content or you could be penalised for duplicate content.  At the end of each article, give a strong reason to visit your website – to claim a free report, for example – and include your website’s url in full with a clickable link to your site.  Write articles yourself or have someone create them for you. is a good place to find low price articles from experienced writers. Favour major article directories over smaller ones. is the first choice of many article marketers.

• Add a signature file to all outgoing emails and on compliments slips inside outgoing orders. A signature file is similar to a P.S. which normally goes after you sign off your message. Signature file and P.S. typically employ just a few words revealing something not included in the main message, in this case an invitation to visit your one page website.

• Look for other people’s domains about to expire and with traffic still visiting sites attached to those domains. Consider buying any with heavy traffic and use the domain name for your website. Migrate the other site’s articles to your own new site, using similar titles and website urls for your content.

You might create several pages or combine the other site’s content into one long article for your single page site. Ensure the expiring domain has not been demoted or banned by search engines and probably won’t attract traffic for you. Perform the search at:

Find expiring domains, with or without websites, at Click on ‘Domains’ top of the page and ‘Auctions’ part way across the dropdown menu, then choose ‘Domain Auctions’ just below. Next page choose ‘Expiring’ from the dropdown menu at ‘Popular Searches’. Then either key your chosen website topic into the search box top of the page that follows or browse the listings for ideas.

• Answer questions at Choose questions matching the subject of your website. Answers will link back to your own website and can result in some of the heaviest traffic possible. Reference the CEO of SaaStr who claims to receive one million visits each month from answering more than 2,000 questions at Quora. Learn more at:

There’s much more to know about driving traffic to these simple one page websites but ideas just provided are enough to begin your quest for a website that takes less than a day to create and promote and brings home a big chunk of profit less than twelve months later.

Go and get started right away!

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