Did you take up that appointment with the Betting Doctor?

I do hope you took up the opportunity to read our February What Really Wins Money. It was a Cheltenham Special, the highlight of which is the form masterclass from the Betting Doctor, Andrew David.

An 11-point profit this Cheltenham with today still to go…

First and second in two races, with Presenting Percy/Monalee, as well as Altior/Min, Balko Des Flos beating Un de Sceaux (recommended 14/1 odds) and Samcro…

Great tipping from the Doctor’s exclusive Cheltenham column at What Really Wins Money.

I apologise for not following Cheltenham this week. Work gets in the way, alas. (Pesky work!)

You won’t need reminding next year to sign up for the Cheltenham Special: Andrew’s article is a great example of how to read form lines and how to employ each-way betting to maximise returns and protect the betting bank.

Bet sender the bet friend-er? 

I bought a piece of kit this week in order to try and unlock some betting strategies which I can share for you in these here pages, and within the pages of What Really Wins Money.

It is a piece of software called the Betsender, whose simulation mode allows me to run betting ideas in real markets in real time, using a variety of staking plans.

The key to success in system creation for me is the correct selection strategy with the correct staking plan.

Using software like this, I can focus on favourites, or second or third-favourites. I can back and lay by odds, e.g. a focus on selections at odds of, say, 7/2 or higher. How do they perform?

I can also look through a variety of sports. Greyhound racing intrigues me and I am working on a number of angles regarding the favourites in greyhound racing.

So, do you have any betting ideas you’d like me to trial? Maybe seeing how second-favourites perform in Jumps races, or at a specific race course? Or how about laying all tennis favourites at odds of 1.5 or shorter? How do they perform over time? Do get in touch.

I’m off now to say ‘Slainte’ to the Betting Doctor, Andrew David, and thank him for the Cheltenham beer tokens which I will invest wisely.

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