Correct score watch.

I mentioned the each-ways last eletter. I hope you are enjoying the good ole fashioned punt aspect here

If you want a chance of a bigger payout, then take a look at the Football Correct Score market.

I do put up selections there within the Football testing Lab and when they win, the odds can be rather juicy.

A recent example also leads me to suggest your monitoring and cashing out.

17:00 – Basaksehir v Trabzonspor –  2-1 and 1-1 at 9.8 and 7.8   When I put up a bet, I will point to the correct scores  ( 2-1 and 1-1) and their odds.

In this example, the match was 2-1 until the 96th minute. 2-2 it ended.

If you place the bets with the Betfair Exchange, you can use their ‘cash out’ facility.

If you place the bets with bookies, make sure they employ some form of cash out facility.

Here are some other recent results

12:30 – Man City v Aston Villa –   3-0, 3-1, any other home score 8.6, 13, and 2 –

3-0 at 8.6 odds came in. Take out the lost stake on 3-1 and any other score and it’s still a reasonable payout.

14:00 – Lecce v Juventus – 1.34 Juventus  0-2 and 1-2  8 and 9.2 –  1-1 it ended.

So close to 1-2 but was there a cash out for profit at any stage?

17:30 – Leverkusen v Werder Bremen – 1.66 Leverkusen   2-1, 1-2 and 2-2   at 9.4, 20 and 14.5

2-2 came in at 14.5 odds. KER CHING as they say in football circles.

20:00 – Atletico Madrid v Athletic Bilbao – 1.78 Atl Madrid  0-0, 1-0, 1-1   7.6, 5.2 and 7.8     –

2-0 Atl madrid  1st goal 28th minute, 2nd goal 64th minute.

Do keep an eye on the correct scores. When I get them right, the payout is great. And for those who want to guarantee a profit, cash out is perfect.

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