CB Paycheck Secrets by Jason Moore & Jorge Delgado, Review

Product name: CB Paycheck Secrets

Product author: Jason Moore, Jorge Delgado.

Price: $27

Where to buy: http://cbpay.etoolmoneyonline.com/

Another day, another video ecourse on making money via Clickbank – Clickbank being the ‘CB’ of the ‘CB Paycheck Secrets’ title that is today’s video ecourse of choice.

CB Paycheck Secrets is authored by Jason Moore and Jorge Delgado and is billed as a hassle-free video course guide to creating your own affiliate marketing online business.

It’ll also reportedly show you how best to secure high rankings on search engines by that means of using free traffic sources.

It’s sold on a sales page under the headline: ‘Who Else Wants To Build *INSANELY* Profitable Affiliate Sites, Suck In FREE Traffic On Autopilot… And Ramp Up Your Weekly ClickBank Checks?!’, and costs $27 (with a 60-day money-back guarantee and no drop in price should you first try to leave the page).

The sales page appears typically hyped up – in that there are pictures of a man in a suit holding up a wad of Benjamins ($100 bills) and the page is frequently punctuated by a red-and-ten-dollar-bill colour scheme and the actual copy falls foul of telling the long-winded story that climaxes with the usual ‘Eureka’ moment: ‘I was promoting a product as an affiliate on ClickBank. It was probably beyond my 100th time trying to make money online and my desperation to make things work led me to try so many different things. One day I hit ‘paydirt’ […] Then another sale came in the next day. And then another. And another. And another. Every day […] and guess what? It started to roll in more cash into my ClickBank account too! FINALLY… I Cracked The Code!’

Any time I’m told that the product I am supposed to be seriously considering buying has ‘cracked a code’, I’m immediately put off.

But the sales copy rescues itself shortly afterwards by going so far as actually telling you what the product is and what you can hope to do with it: get your sites portfolio to the heady heights of search engine rankings.

CB Paycheck Secrets has its usual gamut of upsells, but once you’re past all that, you’ll see that CB Paycheck Secrets is comprised of nine videos, each one between 3 and 14 minutes in length, with a total accumulated running time of around 90 minutes.

The videos (sometimes more than one video per module) focus on the following arenas of making money on Clickbank through affiliate sales…

  • Market Research: how to find the most profitable areas.
  • SEO tactics/Keywords: the best ways to maximise desired results for keyword searches and how to ensure you’re using the most relevant and in-demand words.
  • WordPress: A guide to WordPress and how to use it, adding pages, and an exploration of the various plug-ins available to you and why and how you should be using them.
  • An overview of affiliate marketing: looking at the world of affiliate marketing as a money-maker and the various options available to you.

The content is very much aimed at the beginner, so seasoned affiliate marketers aren’t going to learn anything new.

Beyond the basics, there is nothing new whatsoever, and the finer points of affiliate marketing are never given the time of day. No thought is given to the particular niche in which you might want to work, nor your specific products that you may well be already selling.

Ultimately, the ‘perfect strategy’ of CB Paycheck Secrets is nothing more than the rather haphazard recommendation to litter your sites with countless social buttons and banners in the desperate hope that somehow your site will climb through the rankings and get noticed.

Little is said about the additional work that you’re going to have to do in order to achieve this goal: the constant updating of the site with new material and the gamut of other marketing options that are available to you – besides social media buttons and plug-ins.

Even when they talk about social media as a marketing strategy, it’s with very broad brush strokes and with very little evidence or examples of the application of their clumsy advice. The finer details of marketing your affiliate sites through social networking aren’t ever brought to the fore.

As such, you’re getting a very basic package, full of information you can easily gain for free all over the Internet, and charged at a still-modest price but fails to give you any value for money.

So, ‘with regret’ (as Lord Sugar might say), I cannot recommend CB Paycheck Secrets: it’s too vague, too basic and too pedestrian; and you can find out most the information contained within it (if not all of it) for free with a quick Google.

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