Cash For Codes: Review

Product name: Cash For Codes

Product author: John (Somebody???)

Price: $49 

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. Let me start this review by saying this: do not buy Cash For Codes.

Cash For Codes is a software product that purports to be an online money generation method – for any and everyone regardless of the amount of Internet Marketing experience you’ve had and exclusively without having a product of any sort to sell.

Affiliate sales and a multitude of clicks via video marketing is the method that Cash For Codes would have you believe is the crux of its money-making. The idea is that you post videos online and embed a link to an affiliate’s products, then get paid a small commission for every click and action (visitor’s provision of email address, for example).

The sales page is merely an overlong video (one of the annoying ones that gives you zero indication of how long the video will go on for) in which one tongue-in-cheek claim after another is spooled out.

It’s not very good at telling you anything about the product that Cash For Codes really is; but it is good at telling you over and over again that this is the secret that you’ve been looking for and you must have this in your Internet Marketing life.

Under the video is a button in which you provide your email address and then you’re taken to a payment page. The initial sum for Cash For Codes is $49, but click off the page once and it decreases to $39. Do this again, and again, and again and it decreases to $29, $19, and $9 respectively.

Do this once more and – low and behold – you’re offered Cash For Codes for free!

You’re right to think this reeks of desperation – because it does. And once we’ve broken them down to giving you the product for free (a product they wanted you to pay $49 for just moments before) you’ll see what the real product is.

I should apologise now for not having once written the word ‘product’ in inverted commas (‘product’), because Cash For Codes isn’t really the product for sale here at all.

The real product is in fact a website hosting service called CloudProHosting. Sign up for Cash For Codes and you’ll swiftly find out that you cannot use Cash For Codes unless you subscribe to CloudProHosting first.

The subscription cost for this is $14.95 a month, but that’s by the by, as it’s so misleading to sell one product as if it’s a stand-alone product, only to find out once you’ve bought it that you can only use it if you subscribe to their chosen web hosting platform.

Imagine paying $49 for Cash For Codes and then discovering that you have no choice but to use the web hosting service that they dictate. I’d be more than a bit angry, but if you have done this and want your money back, the silver lining is that Cash For Codes is sold via Clicksure, so you can get your money back within 60 days.

I’d recommend you contact Clicksure directly for this refund, as I seriously doubt you’d have much luck contacting Cash For Codes themselves.

As for the software itself, I obviously haven’t tested it and nor will I be. As soon as I saw what was really going on, I refused to have anything more to do with the product.

They committed the cardinal sin of selling you something in a misleading way, without giving you the knowledge prior to purchase that you can only use their product if you sign up to their choice of web hosting.

It really beggars belief…

Video marketing with affiliate links can be a good way to generate some income online, but I’d steer clear of Cash For Codes as a means of doing this. There are plenty other products and software that have a more legitimate approach out there.

Cash For Codes should be avoided at all costs.

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