Brush up on your tennis trading


Monte Carlo or bust!

This week sees one of the major tennis tournaments in my, ahem, second home in Monte Carlo (my second home is more likely to near my mate Monty’s caravan in Carlow).

It is a great opportunity to brush up on your tennis trading.

If you are a member of What Really Wins Money ( and why not? We’re doing a superb offer at the moment), then at your own dedicated website, you can use the search facility to search for the tennis trading articles I have written in the past.

I have just used the search facility and there are some 11 articles ready and waiting for you. Tennis trading is a superb way to profit from the major tennis tournaments.

Here’s a short and sweet example of how you can profit when the big players come out for the big tournaments. Here’s an old example taken from

Now, take note folks, that Novak was priced at 1.04 pre-match. I.e. a £100 stake will win you, erm, £4 less commission on Betfair.

In a continuation on my niche betting/delayed entry idea of recent eletters, let’s look at how this trade played out.

Firstly I use Fairbot here. I backed Novak at odds of 1.29 initially for £100. I noticed this 1.04 shot at these odds and expected Djoko to be playing blindfolded with both hands and legs tied while trying to balance a glass of delicious Robinson’s orange cordial on his head without spilling it.

I was happy with this bet. Extreme value. And to my increased pleasure, young Dolgopolov won the first set, and how! At this stage I see a 1.04 shot (or other words 1/25 on) priced at 1.91. It would be rude if I did not indulge again at that price. The two bets are arrowed below.

I am running at a loss above of £16.09 because, although the odds have decreased from 1.91, I still have a loss running from when I got involved at 1.29.

And so the fight back begins. Djokovic goes two games up in the second set having broken serve quickly.

At this stage, as you see below, I am sitting on a £21.18 guaranteed profit as the odds plummet from a high of 1.91 to current 1.43.

Brush up on your tennis trading

I get out when the odds reach 1.27 initially, and then again at 1.21 in case the young scoundrel Dolgopolov decides to rain on my parade. A guaranteed £56 regardless of who wins (and remember the second set is not over yet and there s a third set to come).
Brush up on your tennis trading

And there you have it: a perfect delayed entry trade, only this time on the tennis. Those brave souls could have kept their bet on Djokovic, knowing they had backed a 1/25 shot at nearer evens and hoped for the best. I was a little more cautious. IS that not the very definition of value?

The key to success: maintain your interest only in seeded v unseeded players, and better yet, top 10 players – even better, top 5 players.’

This is but one of many techniques available at so if you are a subscriber, get searching away! I would recommend also my new each-way idea revolving around usual and speculative selections in 8/9 runner races. The winners and placed horses have been coming with regularity and for free at the website.

An eggs-citing end to the season!

Groan! I had to get one Easter pun in there!

The Premiership season is winding down and there are only four matches left this season. That’s 12 points up for grabs for each and every team. Who’d have thought that Sunderland would take a point from Manchester City, or that Crystal Palace would win against a top 10 team for the first time away from home this season?

Yes, it’s that part of the season! We see Chelsea play Sunderland – can Sunderland really take points from another top 3 team? Fulham have won their last two matches. Surely they cannot break their duck away from home against a top 8 side in Tottenham?

If you want a flavour of some of the better football stats each day, then join me at Twitter @whatreallywins where I’ll share some of the better football stats with you (the rest, I’m afraid, will be the sole preserve of my Delay-React-Trade members!). There will be enough good stats at Twitter though to get you thinking of profitable betting angles!

I’m researching this weekend’s football in between the odd nibble on a creme egg.

Have you considered creating a betting portfolio?

This was one of the questions answered in April’s What Really Wins Money. Here is a free resource for you…

Check out the Excel spreadsheet here.

It’s an excellent tool and will give you some great ideas on how you can take a more professional approach to your betting and ensure your money management is top notch!

I’m off now to win enough money to feed my Easter egg habit.

Have a great Easter, and remember to tune into to Twitter for the best of the weekend’s football stats.

Have a great weekend.

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