Betting secrets revealed – how niche betting is a powerful tactic

Did you See The Stars?

No, I haven’t been invited to the relaunch of Irish Super Group Bewitched, I am of course referring to a quite superb Arc de Triumph of Sea The Stars, even more impressive because the horse was carrying a lot of over weight (Mick Kinane’s eyebrows!)

It brought a smile to my face as one of my one a day selections, and I bring this up because we are coming to the 12-month anniversary of the ONE A DAY experiment.

The one a day experiment is one year old and it has proved to be a nifty little betting secret

For those new to it, I look for one bet a day – that’s it – amongst all of the opportunities out there, just one bet a day. This delightful and simple tactic is a betting secret to be shared and you probably know why. I bet you can tell what happens when you focus like this on just one bet a day? Yes, a 96% strike rate over 11 months (no I am not exaggerating) and a very respectable 11 month profit using a variety of staking plans. My favoured staking plans? Well level stakes is the simplest, or you can use bespoke staking software such as SAFEBETPLANS and THE STAKING MACHINE to enhance profits.

Some are still skeptical (they point to the Ronnie Corbet like short odds generally – and I don’t hide the fact that this is a short odds system – I get excited if a bet is priced greater than 1/5!!), but my argument is THIS REALLY WINS MONEY, and should form at least one part of our betting portfolio. This is a slow burner, it’s simple to operate, and because we are choosing only one bet a day out of the myriad opportunities that are available we can generate long winning runs that are psychologically comforting.

One a Day is Niche Betting…

Why? Well it goes against the conventional wisdom of so-called “experts” that you just cannot profit from sustained backing of short priced place horses, football teams, or tennis players.

I say, ” you can!” – focus specifically on these short odds – make this your niche. In my case place only betting (that is, backing a horse to finish generally in the first 3 as opposed to WIN only) -I have focused on this area day in and day out for a year and now I have learned what to look for, and I have learned to look for probability bets. I have learned that Betfair will NOT reduce the places they pay out for if there are non-runners (this one fact can create some great betting opportunities).

And there are other elements to niche betting that can help you.

For instance one reader is making good profits by laying favourites in MAIDEN HURDLES, in the UK and Ireland (especially the latter). This is niche betting – the focus on a specific area. Martin Blakey, for example, focuses specifically on handicaps – that’s his niche – do read his excellent articles in recent WRWM newsletters to see how he focuses on finding good prices in handicaps.

Perhaps you can create a niche within a niche? For example, focus specifically on one league e.g. the Premier League, and then focus specifically on one team in the Premier League – concentrate on their performance week in and week out and soon you will become expert in their specific intricacies.

You will be able to see how they specifically perform at home, who in their team is red hot, how they perform against the top 4 sides, indeed how they perform against bottom of the table sides. Through your specific focus on that one team, you will notice how they perform away from home, and at home.

I use this niche within a niche to focus, for example, on Nantes and Le Havre in French Ligue 2. I also focus specifically on Bordeaux in French Ligue 1 and have found great betting opportunities this way by getting to know how these teams perform, who are their strong players (if they are injured they may impact on performance).

This, I suppose, is what betting systems are for. Quick on the Draw from Sportsworld Publishing focuses on its niche – the draw bias at Kempton in specific race types.

The 5-year consistency plan focuses specifically on the FORM of horses in their last 3 races – by focusing on these last 3 races, the author has found, as he claims, a winning consistent backing system (I will update all of these systems in the next newsletter). focuses specifically on trading horses – seeking to find horses who we can back and whose odds should shorten in the in running market on Betfair once the race is off.

There is reasoning behind finding your niche. Something called the “reticular activating system” – for example if you’ve just bought a new car, you seem to suddenly notice all of the other cars of similar make to yours where before you paid it no attention. IF you apply this to the betting opportunities that are available each day, then you will find it easier to pinpoint those bets which fit into your niche, and be better able to evaluate whether or not they represent a good betting opportunity

I could go on and on (yeh we know! Lol) Do you want to specialize in reading the live bookmaker markets, or the greyhounds, or find a real niche like American Football?

So, in the last 2 eletters, we have focused on 2 niches – enhanced betting on football and one a day betting – these are formidable companions in our search for profits.

As to the enhanced betting, well I do hope you were looking at the Arsenal match last Saturday. A 1/5 shot at home go a goal down. They equalize. They then go 2-1 down. They equalize. They then go on to win. Happy days indeed!

Some readers are still unsure about trading as a form of sport betting at Betfair, and for this reason, I will be putting together a guide for you which will be available to download or through the new newsletter in October. Those wanting a shortcut should simply avail of Google and use keywords such as “Betfair trading” and derivatives of these.

Testing Testing One Two Three

As mentioned last week, do look out for emails regarding the Value Horse system for those trialists who applied for a trial.

The emails should be winging their way to you soon.

I also need triallists for another test. This time it is for a system called “Dutchmasters” – this is a tipping service run by Johan Cryff and Ruud Van Nistelrooy (only joking). This is a loss retrieval automated betting strategy which incorporates dutching (the backing of more than one horse in a race) and comes replete with a betting bot to place bets on your behalf.

So please do email me at with DUTCHMASTERS TRIAL in the subject box. First come first served with this I’m afraid and ready preference for What Really Wins Money newsletter readers. It is a system with great promise and looks to curb the risks that naturally come with loss retrieval.

I’m off now to focus solidly on my non-betting niche – Kelly Brook.

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