Betting alternatives when the snow affects the horse racing…

‘The Beast from the East’ (a.k.a. Pat Butcher) has descended upon the UK and greatly affected the horse racing this week.

I’ll admit, I feel your pain. Where I am, it hit 26 degrees Celcius the other day. Brrr! I didn’t know what to do.

Despite the horse racing being effectively cancelled, there are other sports which are ripe for the plucking – football and tennis being the two primary markets for me.

Tennis is of particular interest because we are entering that stage of the season where there will be top-quality tournament after top-quality tournament for some five months straight.

Currently Indian Wells and the Miami Masters will be the March highlights. April is where it really begins, with the clay court tournaments, in particular Monte Carlo (where I have a second home – I say second home; I once camped there in 1990).

The clay in March/April takes us to Paris and Roland Garros, then things get a little more civilised don’t you know, with the grass court stage, culminating in Wimbledon in July. This transforms into the hard court season and then the US Open.

I would highly recommend you start checking out tennis, because it will be the staple diet from March to August and serve as an able replacement for weather-affected racing, and for when those poor football darlings take a well-deserved break in the summer.

Take a look in your inbox this weekend for a great tennis service which has been profiting consistently in trials.

As we head towards the busy part of the season, I’ll be passing on some tennis pointers myself in this very eletter.

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