Back Bosnia to win the World Cup?!

It’s all hands to the pump here at WRWM Towers, as I put the finishing touches to May’s What Really Wins Money newsletter.

And there’s plenty to ponder.

We have two cracking All Weather backing and laying strategies which are profiting rather well. The only skill you’ll need is an ability to read, and I don’t mean read form – I mean literally just to read! And my Home-Grown systems are made easy-to-use.

Why Bosnia is worth a punt…

We’ve gone football crazy this month too, with the World Cup on the horizon.

I’ve delved into the stats for 2010 and for qualifying games, to see if the teams who performed well in the last World Cup and in qualifying will perform well this time around.

Did you know, for instance, that Bosnia supplied two of the top three goal-scorers in qualifying? No, nor me!

That’s why I have backed Bosnia at 230 to win the World Cup. Now I don’t expect them to lift the trophy: what I hope for is for them to continue to be an attacking threat and for us to see those odds shorten to allow for a nice trade!

I also take readers through which is a superb free resource for you to make profits from In-Play stats.

I’m sure the Patriarch was a cub scout: he’s gone and got us all prepared for the next Premiership season with a cracking little betting strategy which sees the best sides on your side.

The Statman takes it easy this month and shows us how we can easily profit from horse racing’s Official Ratings.

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I’m off now to apply for the vacant Manchester United job.

Wish me luck!

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