Are you ready for this bumper week of racing?

I feel like I’ve done 10 rounds with Mike Tyson – after doing 10 rounds with Shane McGowan and Oliver Reed!

Yes, trips to the dentist can make me make feel this way, as would (I suppose) a few days at the upcoming Galway Festival.

It’s a bumper week of racing, with all the gee gees at the Gs: Glorious Goodwood and the Guinness-guzzling Galway get-together.

As these are two high-profile meetings, I’ll do my usual market movers trick. So join me on Monday 31st July for the start of the Galway Festival and Tuesday 1st August for the start of Glorious Goodwood.

I think I have shown, from Cheltenham Festival onwards, that these high-class, high-profile racing events are ripe for a big-odds plunder or two. And that the bookies know this, and they give us the tells, particularly within the live betting prices.

There are patterns which suggests a horse has been backed by some clever money. My mission next week is to highlight these for you on Twitter @whatreallywins.

The odds will generally be big, so each way betting is advocated, particularly using enhanced Place markets. I use Betfair SP myself (heck, I picked a 14/1 winner yesterday which paid out 31 [30/1] with Betfair SP). I split my each-way stakes: half in the Place market and half in the Win market.

The tweets will be ad hoc, as and when there is a good odds market mover. It’s all free, and all @whatreallywins.

The start of the Galway Festival is 17:20 on Monday (oh, how I wish I was there, but my liver is thanking me that I am not!) and 13:50 for the Glorious Goodwood Festival on Tuesday.

I’ll see you then! I’m off now to compare dental work with Shane McGowan. See you next week. Sláinte!

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