Are you ready for Royal Ascot?

I have had my nose hairs plucked and the hair removed from my ears in preparation for Royal Ascot this upcoming week. One has to look one’s best, doesn’t one, now?

Your first port of call for an assault on Ascot should be free micro sites such as

Head on over to and you’ll get a great look at the stats that count. It is my contention that these top-class meetings contain stats that are reliable.

Who are the best trainers to follow at Royal Ascot? That question is answered for you at

The top jockeys are also featured at this page.

reat free resource for you comes from the guys at who provide free race trends for Royal Ascot. This link will take you to all of the other days of the Royal Ascot Festival –

I personally like to do what I call ‘reading the market’. It was a tactic that picked three of the last four winners at Cheltenham in March. I tend to reserve this market reading for these big meetings. I will try to pass on my market movers on Twitter @whatreallywins this week. Please note, though, that I am on uncle duty this week and despite my best efforts I may not be able to cover all days.

Yes, the ankle-biting nephews are around and haven’t seen their Uncle Clive for a long time! How do I explain to a five-year-old that Royal Ascot is on? Answers on a postcard please!


Have you tried your hand at tennis trading in the run up to Wimbledon in July? It is a relatively new sport for me to trade and I am learning all the time. I do enjoy this form of trading and I think you will too.

It is straightforward (one vs one) and is quite simply a case of backing at high odds in-play and laying at lower odds to lock in profit, or laying at low odds and backing at higher odds to guarantee a profit.

I am putting together all of the information I have learned and think you’ll find it extremely useful and profitable.

In the meantime, enjoy Royal Ascot, and if I am around on Tuesday 20 June, I will tweet my market movers on @whatreallywins.

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