And so it begins!

The Premiership league has kicked off and the first 4 in the league are, wait for it, Chelsea, Manchester City, Arsenal and Liverpool.

Hmmm! Interesting.

There was a protest at Man Utd this week asking to bring the dream team of David Moyes and Phil Neville back!

This new season though is bringing with it some great profits. And this weekend sees the Bundesliga kick off in Germany, and once I find my “Hoffenheim” I’ll be sticking with them.

What do I mean? Well, Hoffenheim last season were a superb team to follow because they were so readable. This is a team who scored and conceded in 14 of their home matches last season, 65% of their matches saw 4 goals or more, and only 4 of their matches last season saw a 0-0 at halftime.

It’s these kind of stats that make me forget about Kelly Brook! I’ll be writing some posts at starting next Friday which will highlight the teams with the best patterns, over the major European leagues.

If you want to go deeper into football trading, then check out We had a superbly profitable Sunday , and just yesterday, managed to back Tottenham Hotspur at odds of 13.5 and win!

Welcome to the All-weather

The all-weather meetings are beginning to become more frequent. All-weather venues include Wolverhampton, Lingfield, Kempton, Southwell, and the next all weather meetings are on Wednesday and Thursday this week.

There are some simple betting strategies you can employ for the all-weather winter season (I know, it’s far too early to start talking about the Winter!) and here are a couple to keep you busy.

Lay top weights in handicaps on the all-weather

In any handicap races, lay the horse with the biggest weight ( on its own, not joint top-weighted) as long as the odds are below 10. This is a simple lay system and has been profiting well so far.

On the all-weather, lay any horses carrying a penalty.

Can you see the 6x , that signifies a 6 lb penalty -these horses have been losing with regularity! Laying to simple level stakes has been profitable.
I have more homegrown strategies at What Really Wins Money, with more to come.

So, do look out for the All-weather venues later this week.

The top class horses are out to play!

There are some top class races this Saturday. Here’s a look at the past winners as they can point to future profits.

23rd August 2014

310 Curragh

The highest priced winner in the last 5 races was 8/1

2 trainers have accounted for 4 of the last 5 winners, M Halford and Charles O’Brien. Can we ignore Russian Soul, Halford’s runner this time?
Look for a horse 8/1 or shorter, and not trained by Halford and O’Brien

220 Goodwood

A group 3 fillies stakes race.

9 runners suggests an each-way play.The biggest priced winner in the last 7 races was 5/1, 5 of those were winners. The favourite has a good chance of winning, value might come from a 5/1 horse each way. There is no betting forecast yet, so look for a 5/1 shot tomorrow

330 Goodwood

A 9 runner Group 2 race and another each way race.

There has only been one aberration in the last few years, a 20/1 winner 2 years ago. In the other 5 races, the biggest priced winner was 3/1. Only 2 favourites have won though in 10 runnings. I would look for a horse 3/1 or lower. If there is a 3/1 horse , back it each way – if it places you will get a marginal return

440 Goodwood

This is definitely a race for the 1st or 2nd favourites.

There has only been one non 1st and 2nd favourite winning this race in the last 10 years. If the 2nd favourite is 4/1 I would back it each way.

355 Newmarket

A 13 runner listed race. The last 5 runnings have seen 7/1 as the highest priced winner.This race does tend to go to market leaders apart from 2007/2008. By market leaders, I mean horses priced at 7/1 or lower. I’d look at a 6/1 horse each way here.

I’m off now to enjoy week 2 of the Premiership. Have a great weekend and What Really Wins Money subscribers, remember there’s free betting strategies at (the each ways have had a good week!)