Always remember the cash-out option!

There is no Premier League football with us this week or next, because we face an international break.

Liverpool conceded their first goal this season, and I am kicking myself for not including 1-2 amongst my 0-1 and 0-2 calls. The match was 0-2 in-play for those who wanted to ‘cash out’.

I was spot on about Bournemouth’s defensive strength. The lay of Chelsea did see a ‘cash out’ opportunity in-play, with the first goal in the 72nd minute. The better call would have been a back of 0-0.

I did lay Southampton 0-1 up and the lay gave us a run for our money, but Saints doubled up with a 90th minute winner. What has happened to Palace and their two goals?

With a first goal in the 43rd minute, my advice to lay the 0-0 in the Halftime Score market in the Brighton game limped in!

With Everton I decided on 2-0 or 2-1, but they could not score that second goal vs Huddersfield and it ended 1-1.

The 2-1 Man City result was short of my 3-1, 3-0, or any other home correct score, but those in-play bettors could have ‘cashed out’ as the match was 2-1 as early as the 53rd minute – i.e., the market thought City would score again.

Tight Arsenal win? Yes – not 1-2, but 2-3. Great match.

A 27th minute goal saw the 0-0 last those 27 minutes in the Man Utd match.

So I have introduced the element of ‘cashing out’ with some of the Premier League bets. The advent of in-play betting (and backing and laying with a betting exchange) means that you do not have to be stuck with your bet – remaining inflexible and hoping that what you hoped for would come to fruition.

Cash out at the hint that what you thought would happen could happen (at least from the market’s perspective).

The best example I will return to was the Man City match.

If you backed 3-0, 3-1, and any other home score, you would have two of those bets running for you – 3-1 and any other home score (any permutation of correct score where the home side scores four goals minimum).

With the 2-1 scoreline in the 52nd minute, the market thinks that Man City are highly likely to score a third goal, with some 38 minutes of a match at home remaining.

You can profit from that, even though the score is 3-1. The odds for 3-1 correct score will drop dramatically. The odds for any other home score will drop, but not as dramatically. You can cash out and take any profit which presents itself.

I love this kind of betting. Remember your ‘cash out’ options in your future bets.

What else have I been up to this week? Well, it’s been all about putting together September’s edition of the What Really Wins Money newsletter.

Articles this month include a look at my betting bot adventures and the greyhound systems I have been trying out. From 11am to 10pm each day, there’s greyhound racing. There must be a way to profit!

We also delve into the world of professional form software and try to unravel some profitable horse racing strategies.

We then look at a new way to approach Win and Place betting.

Our regular contributors present a master class in following the money, and our Statman looks at trainers adept at getting first-time-out horses purring, particularly in the Jumps season.

So for you newsletter subscribers, expect the fun-packed newsletter to be with you shortly. For you eletter readers, see you next week!

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