A week dominated by the World Cup and Wimbledon…

‘Doctor, Doctor, I feel like a pair of curtains.’

‘Pull yourself together!’

That’s the end of my ‘Doctor’ jokes repertoire. The reason I mention doctors is because the Betting Doctor, Andrew David, has agreed to impart some of his betting wisdom in these eletters at least once a month.

Andrew is a system creator, very much like me, and is the man behind Little Acorns, which has won best betting product with a number of betting review websites.

Readers of What Really Wins Money may remember Andrew from our February Cheltenham Festival specials.

His Cheltenham Festival articles for us at What Really Wins Money reads as a master class in form reading. And he delivers profit each Cheltenham Festival for readers.

So, I’m delighted to have the Doctor on board, and I think you will benefit immensely from his words of wisdom.

From a sports betting perspective this week has been dominated by the World Cup and by Wimbledon.

If you have any of my past eletters on tennis, I urge you to read ‘Gotta lova bitta Wozza’, an eletter recounting how you can back big names in Grand Slam tennis at big odds and win.

Well she was at it again this Wimbledon, twice battling back from five-games-to-one down. Had you backed her at 5-1 down, and cashed out at 5-4 or 5-5, you’d have made a handsome in-play profit, without the need for Wozniacki to actually win (she lost).

I have a copy of that eletter for you: if you email me I’ll send it to you. It’s a great template for you to back top players in-play and profit well.

Wimbledon has been my main sports betting focus this week, what with the World Cup being a head-scratcher. Although, had you layed all 0-0s you saw in the second half, only one match would have let you down. That’s been my main bread and butter.

England play the Swedes tomorrow. I don’t know what the Swedish is for ‘couldn’t hit a cow’s arse with a banjo’, but that certainly applied to the Swedes against Switzerland. They should have scored a hatful and would have done with a Swedish Kane in the ranks.

Tonight sees Uruguay vs France. Uruguay keeping clean sheets and now, with Suarez and Cavani scoring in the last three matches. They must keep Mbappe quiet and could do so. 1-0 Uruguay?

Brazil vs Belgium is a tasty affair. Brazil’s Neymar has actually picked up an Oscar nomination for his emotional acting performance vs Mexico. It had me in tears.

This is tough to call. Brazil are now winning 2-0. Belgium have scored 3-5-1-2 goals this World Cup, but conceded two goals vs Japan and Tunisia. They need to be a little more with it defensively. Brazil I’d hazard to guess are a little more accomplished in attack than Tunisia and Japan and that may be Belgium’s problem today.

I will stick with laying any 0-0 I see second-half. Do you have any angles in these World Cup matches?

Good luck with your bets this Wimbledon and World Cup. With the former, check out those favourites struggling and watch out too for 2-0 in men’s games. Time and again, it becomes 2-1. You can lay the player leading 2-0 and cash out, once it dawns on the opponent that if they do not win the third set, they’re out!

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