A wedding, a 24-hour honeymoon and a simple but effective Internet Marketing idea…

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So, I did it!

Last weekend I became someone’s wife. It was brilliant. Well worth all the work that went in to the day.

Three kids, the best part of a decade, a mortgage and lives so entangled that trying to separate them would be akin to de-tangling a bin bag full of Christmas lights which had been used in a knot-athon, it did make me laugh when Mark turned to me the night before and said: ‘You don’t think we’re rushing in to this, do you?’ ??After the big day, we jetted (or tunnelled) away to Paris for ONE WHOLE UNINTERRUPTED DAY without children in which to reflect on the wedding and relax.

‘I’m not sure it really was the best day of my life,’ I mused.

‘Charming,’ Mark said.

Of course, when you’ve done things in reverse, and you’ve gone through becoming a parent BEFORE getting married, I’m not sure you could ever say your wedding was the best day ever.

‘I am not sure what the best day of my life would be if it wasn’t the wedding OR the birth days of the children, though,’ I said later that day, having given it some thought. ‘People must have some brilliant stories about their own choice of day’.

And with that, the seed of an idea was born: a blog site to which users contribute the stories of the best days of their life. Weddings and births are BANNED as choices. I think it’d be a big success.

And it just goes to show: the seed of an online business idea can come from the most simple, everyday sorts of conversations.

Now that the wedding’s over, I promised Mark I’d be a bit less stressed. Having the wedding to plan on top of our already chaotic lives was proving pretty hard going for a month or so there…

But, I don’t know what’s wrong with me: I just can’t sit still…

I have too much energy to NOT take on a little too much, so this week I’ve been sanding my fireplace, rearranging the furniture, organising holidays, and – most keenly of all – spending some time on the Internet Income Detective website getting that all up to date. ??Today, I wanted to pick out some of my highlights from the new content that I’ve been getting up on to the site, starting with an article from my husband…

Your Guide to Content Marketing…

‘Content Marketing’ is the big buzz-phrase of recent times amongst the kind of people whose job it is to get web traffic.

It’s a startlingly simple concept, but like everything online, easy to get wrong. It’s also pleasingly easy to get right if you have – you guessed it – great content. But you also need to know how to get that content noticed…

And that’s the clever part…

Content Marketing is, just like it says on the tin, marketing through content. It means using your unique content to spread the word about your product and pull people to your site. This means that publishers – for whom content is everything – should immediately have a head start.

In the past, it was all about ensuring that all that content – as much as possible – was published on your site so that Google would index it, so the keywords would pull in traffic from searches.

Now, the key to being big on Google is to not worry about being big on Google. In this article,  just posted over on the IID site, you’ll find the three steps to being a great content marketer, and using what you already do best to grow your traffic.

Next up, we going to look at something you’ve all been keen to see more of in Internet Income Detective: selling on eBay.

A while back, eBay expert and editor of our sister publication eBay Confidential was kind enough to write a guide to profiting on eBay for Internet Income Detective readers.

Simple Ways to Make Extraordinary Profits on eBay

It’s a business that’s easy to learn and incredibly simple to operate – and for most people, very profitable too, as well as requiring no special knowledge or skills and very little start up capital.

That business runs on eBay, where you’ll find many one-person operations turning over millions of pounds every year, and growing!

How do they do it, and how can you join them?

One way is to study your currently-more-successful counterparts on eBay, looking for reasons they are so successful, and then introduce some of their ideas to your business.

That’s exactly the kind of research Avril has been carrying out almost daily for more than a decade, and what you will find in this article is just a tiny sample of what she’s learned in the process.

Useful WordPress links

We all know that the most popular website content management platform is WordPress and that the use of plug-ins help us to easily add new functionality to our websites without the need to do any programming – as well as simplifying or saving time on performing certain tasks.

With so many plugins available to us, it can be difficult to know where to start or which to choose from, so let’s take a look at some of the best out there, what they can do, and how to use them…

In the last printed issue of Internet Income Detective, our resident WordPress fixer, Stuart Blanksby, ran is through some of his favourite plug-ins for getting any website running more smoothly…

In this post we link to a selection of them.

New reviews up on Internet Income Detective

We’ve also got lots of great new reviews up on the site for you, all of which come from the suggestions made by you guys about the products you want us to look at for you.

Here’s just a sample…

Adsense Avalanche review

Making money from Google AdSense ads is nothing new – many have tried it but few have cracked it. Most have despaired at the amount of work and effort that goes into a portfolio of sites, all optimized to the max for their respective niches, yet only drawing in pennies per click, and a sorry-for-itself sum at the end of each and every month.

AdSense Avalanche takes the tried-and-tested AdSense formula but focuses on a particular element that might have eluded you.

Instead of building many sites that carry ads which provide a few pennies per click in commission, Ron Rule – the author behind AdSense Avalanche – instructs you in how to target and use those ads which pay up to $200 per click.

Read our full review here.

Commission Uprising by Steven Rounds: review

Many people hate pop-ups and the only action they ever result in is clicking on the ‘x’ to get rid of it. Additionally, many people now use pop-up blockers, so be aware if you use this product that a chunk of your traffic won’t ever see the pop-ups anyway.

But let me rewind a little: why am I talking about pop-ups in relation to Commission Uprising?

In a nut-shell, Commission Uprising is a piece of software combined with a members area and video training course that facilitates the making of money through CPA marketing.

But is this product worth the money? Read our full review here.

Flippa Niche Research Tool by Maryam Rasool: review

The Flippa Niche Research Tool from Maryam Rasool is a web-based piece of software (so no compatibility problems with Macs and PCs) that helps you locate websites that rank in the top five on Google and discover exactly which keywords are responsible for their good ranking.

You then use this information and research to pinpoint potentially profitable websites on Flippa.

For those who don’t know, Flippa.com is the biggest venue for buying and selling websites online. But how can this tool help you to profit on the site?

Read our review here.

And it doesn’t stop there…

More new reviews live on the site:

Platinum Resell Rights

Social Spy

Solo Ad Solution

Web Traffic Loophole 

Cash for Codes  

CB Paycheck Secrets

Easy Member Site Creator 

Funnel Kit  

And please go to http://www.internetincomedetective.co.uk/category/reviews/ regularly to check for the reviews you want to see. (And if you don’t see them, drop me an email to let us know which products we should be putting under the microscope, so that you don’t have to!) ??Phew. That’s loads to keep you going for a day or two.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please let me know…

In the meantime, have a fantastic week.

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