A Secret Stash of Items That Cost Pennies and Make Ten Pounds Profit or More on Every Sale

You’ve just paid your tax bill and settled your seasonal credit card debts, and there’s very little left over to invest in new stock to resell on eBay. What can you do to keep your eBay business up and running and making a few hundred pounds every week until cash flow improves?

Most importantly, how can you achieve that income with less than fifty pounds to play with?

Easy! I do it every day and today I’ll reveal my secrets to you.

It’s done by purchasing items that typically fetch very low prices in internet and offline auction salerooms, as well as at flea markets, car boot sales and other venues selling mainly second-hand goods.

These items rarely attract good resale profits in their own right. But give them a new slant or use them to create altogether different products and you could be banking profits little short of staggering.

Here are two such items to buy for pennies or low pounds and sell for two and very often three figure finishing prices…

#1. Atlases – especially published pre-1900 and usually in limited supply, as well as featuring old-fashioned spellings of some place names, alongside locations that have since merged with nearby areas and no longer appear on modern day maps.

Most maps removed from early atlases can be sold separately at ten pounds each or more. But much higher profits are likely where maps are cut and shaped to fit behind glass or resin domes to create pendants, cufflinks and numerous other decorative pieces.

Create something just a tad out-of-the-ordinary, like an eBayer currently selling cufflinks containing snippets of a map of the Bahamas or Hawaii and other island paradises along with a few grains of sand from those countries’ shores. This savvy seller’s cufflinks are priced just over sixty pounds per pair.

You can buy components for your jewellery items separately or in ready to create format, and all you do is shape your maps to fit the cup of the product blank – the name for a pendant backing or cufflink ready for embellishment – which you then fix between the dome and the base part of the finished product.

A standard cufflink blank, without the resin or glass dome, costs around 50p per pair on eBay. Resin and glass domes sell for a few pennies each. Find components by searching eBay for ‘cufflink blanks’ and ‘resin (or glass) domes’.

Pendants and bracelets can be created using the same technique and still cost round about fifty pence for pieces of jewellery likely to sell at £10 to £20 and sometimes more.

#2. Sheet Music – comprising symbols and lines to help musicians play a particular musical piece and usually handwritten or printed on paper and published in single page or brochure format.

Some very old sheet music, notably featuring top shows and famous musicians and singers, especially autographed, can command incredible high prices. Such as these recent high finishing price sales on eBay:

THE SOCIALITES Sheet Music JIVE JIMMY (1964) sold for £982.94


Now not all sheet music, however old, can command more than a few pounds on eBay, but it can still be bought in huge bundles for single figure prices in most general auction salerooms.

When you buy your bundle, you research prices for individual pieces and then make a pile of items worth selling separately on eBay, and another pile of items unlikely to make more than a few pounds each as sheet music. This second pile will probably make the bulk of your profits.

You can use the sheets as inserts for jewellery, as just shown for vintage maps, but a far easier and I think much faster way to profit is by cutting music sheets into squares of various sizes and offering them in packs of fifty or more same size cuttings on eBay and Etsy (http://www.etsy.com). Your buyers will be people using vintage pieces to create origami and jewellery designs.

Key ‘origami music sheets’ into the search box at Etsy and you will find uncut music sheets priced £18 for ten and up to fifty smaller square clipped sheets priced upwards of eight pounds per pack.

As you might expect, just one multiple page piece of sheet music purchased for pennies at auction can quickly attract profits of thirty pounds or more.

Tip: If you’re up for it, you can make paper roses from sheet music to sell separately at ten pounds or more. Or you could fashion them into bouquets or fans priced upwards of two hundred pounds.

Search ‘sheet music rose (or fan or bouquet)’ at Etsy to find bestselling product ideas. Learn how to create finished products by googling the likes of ‘make paper rose’, ‘make paper fan’, ‘make origami wreath’, and countless other products.

Look Out For Part 2 Next Week

Now go develop those ideas and next week I’ll reveal two more ways to turn cheap items into bestselling products on eBay and in other marketplaces, including Etsy.

The speed at which you’ll make money using these projects will astound you. I’ll give you a few clues to whet your appetite for next week’s eLetter:

The first project uses tiny items available every day of the week and you can buy one hundred of these items for between fifty pence and two or three pounds. Finished products sell several times daily on eBay and Etsy at between two and eight pounds each and most people buy in bulk.

The second project costs about fifty pounds, sometimes more, usually less, and can create up to one hundred products, each with potential to add fifty to several hundred pounds to your bank account.

More exciting still, very soon I will create a report giving numerous other low investment, high profit ideas for eBay Confidential subscribers to download free of charge.

Download details will be announced in our March issue of eBay Confidential.

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