A rare old weekend


Have you ever had that kind of weekend: you know, the kind of weekend where everything flowed – every lay bet you placed lost and every back bet you placed won with ease.

Things were going so great last weekend, I felt sure Kelly Brook would rush through my front door and declare her undying love for me.

That didn’t quite happen, but my DRT live chat on Saturday and Sunday revealed a bevvy of beautiful trades to help swell the betting bank coffers.

Pop on over to www.whatreallywinsmoney.co.uk and read my blog post entitled ‘How to lay and profit under 1.1 odds time and time again. A review of Saturday 22 February’s DRT live chat’.

You’ll see how DRT subscribers:

  • Layed Chelsea at odds of 1.14 and won (equivalent to about a 7/1 shot winning).
  • Backed 1.08 shots Rangers (imagine having to place a £100 bet to win only £8) at over evens and won.
  • Layed Wolfsburg in the Halftime market at odds of 1.08 and won (equivalent to a 12/1 shot winning).

As well as a host of other shorter priced successful trades and on Sunday we:

  • Layed Cagliari at 2.56 when they were leading against Inter Milan, and we profited.
  • Layed the 0-0 Correct Score in the Giannina v Veria match at 1.08 and Veria scored a 90th-minute goal! (again, that’s about a 12/1 equivalent payout).

So if you like your football trading on Betfair, but you want me to do all of the research for you and point you to the stats you need to know, live as the matches are being played, than take a look at Delay React Trade (DRT) and who knows, we could be nailing another handful of 12/1 equivalent bets at the weekend!

While I’m on the DRT trail, make sure you keep an eye on the tennis markets. Our intrepid hero Andy ‘Ruby’ Murray has been doing a fine job of losing first sets, and then winning matches.

As I’ve said in the past, just watch out for predominantly top 10 players to make a Horlicks of the first set, find themselves in trouble in the second set (tie breaker where Andy’s odds reached as high as 3.8, relatively high for a 1.2 shot!) and then go on to win.

It was Lucy Collins, in her excellent article in February’s What Really Wins Money, who has expanded upon what is termed ‘swing trading’. It really is a great way to make quick profits.

If trading is new to you, make sure you pop on over to the Help & Learning Centre at www.betfair.com, use their question/search facility, and ask: ‘what is trading?’

It is an excellent resource to have in your betting armoury.

It’s only blinking Chelt-ing-ham!

I hope you have taken a look at the websites I posted in last week’s eletter. Make sure you tune in next week, the last Friday before the festival proper, where I’ll take you through a shortlist of the horses who fit in with the stats and trends which have pointed towards winners in the past decade.

If you want tips from a guy with a 57-point profit in the last two festivals, then read February’s edition of What Really Wins Money, where we get an exclusive each way betting angle from Andrew David, who’s done great, as I say, in the festival’s past.

System and tipster shout out

Are there any systems and tipsters which have caught your eye and you’d like to see tested? Then email me at whatreallywins@yahoo.co.uk and I’ll get my legendary blagging boots on and put them to the test.

Make sure you include any website details for the services you’d like testing.

I’m off now to beaver away, researching this weekend’s packed programme of football matches, as well as sniffing out some low-risk high-profit trades and bets for the DRT’ers. Then (after a cuppa), I’ll complete my statistical look at Cheltenham 2014 so you’ll have a guide with you during the festival, which starts on 11 March.

Have a great weekend.

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