A look back at the betting angles of 2014…


‘And so, the end is near’… as my close showbiz pal Frank Sinatra used to say to me. November is the last What Really Wins Money newsletter of 2014!

Hooray! No, sorry, that was meant to be ‘boo hoo’!

I was very surprised by the amount of topics covered in 2014, so much so that I thought I’d share a few topics with you today…

We’ve covered modelling. No not page 3. I am talking about modelling tipsters and their strategies. Some are unique, such as the 80/20 twist on each way betting (80% of your stake on the place only, 20% on the win), and the creation of odds-on trebles.

That’s an interesting twist on the idea of accumulators. Try to create a ‘banker’ treble by including really obvious bets. The Over 1.5 Goals market is the key here.

I’ve also shared with What Really Wins Money readers some really good ‘niche’ betting ideas, mostly based around football. This year, I covered halftime betting (wait until the first half has been played and bet solely for a second-half result), away sides leading at halftime and many more football specific niches, including:

  • the Both Teams to Score market
  • the 85th minute niche
  • focussing on newly promoted sides
  • and much more (these niches were in June’s newsletter).

I’ve also shared some really good ‘Home-grown’ betting systems this year, some of which I have shared in the eletter, but expanded upon in the newsletters.

There’s the ‘top weight in All Weather handicaps lay idea’, the ‘laying penalised runners in All Weather handicaps idea’, the ‘laying the favourite in Irish Bumpers idea’, and many more betting ideas.

We also dedicated October’s newsletter to the idea of banker bets, and this is an idea which really interests me and appeals to many. Why? Well, high strike-rates, long winning runs – what more do you want?

I shared with What Really Wins Money readers the best markets to look for to ensure that strike-rate and do provide some banker bets at www.whatreallywinsmoney.co.uk to give them some pointers.

I also cover Home-Grown system selections at the website for readers, and my each way plays each day (in fact, in May’s What Really Wins Money I showed readers how I picked a 142/1 winning horse).

We also covered the evens treble, which is a very simple and brilliant strategy a reader offered for me to share with other readers. Imagine if you can get an evens return every few days from simply finding a 1.2, 1.25 and 1.33 shot and putting them into a treble (the banker bets help in this regard).

I haven’t mentioned all of the superb articles by our writers the Patriarch and the Statman, who provide you with strong statistical based horse racing backing and laying strategies.

It’s been a busy year! All of the newsletters are available in PDF format at www.whatreallywinsmoney.co.uk for newsletter subscribers. They could spark a profitable betting strategy in your mind, as it has done for a number of readers.

International break…

Just a quick reminder, folks, that there will be some international football teams whose odds are shorter than Ronnie Corbett after a cartoon two-ton weight has landed on him.

Take Germany v Gibraltar tonight. Germany are literally unbackable. What does that mean? It means goals and loads of them.

I like using the Correct Score betting market and really go to town. Yesterday I was a goal away from correctly predicting the score in the Swiss U19 v Gibraltar match. I went for 9-0: the score was 8-0.

Think big therefore and you can turn an unbackable team into one where you could get great returns. With the Germans, I’d look at 8-0, 11-0 and perhaps 6-0, in case they are as lacklustre as they have been recently.

Look also at the Over 1.5 Goals market for the first half in these matches. I got 1.41 yesterday for a team who were 1.01 in the Match Odds market. And they led 5-0 at halftime, lol!

So don’t dismiss these shorties!

I’m off to put the finishing touches to November’s What Really Wins Money newsletter. Have a great weekend.