A look ahead to the Rugby World Cup…

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It’s that time of the month when September’s What Really Wins Money newsletter is finalising construction.

So what have we got in store for readers this month? Well, I begin proceedings by showing you how you can use the bookmakers to beat the bookmakers in football. It is so nice when we can get the bookies to help us extract money from them!

We’ve also got a great lay-a-day laying strategy for horse racing which has been consistent and profitable. There’s even a staking plan thrown in which sky-rockets profits.

The Patriarch, that bastion of betting strategies through the ages, shows you how you can find rock solid ‘ultra safe’ horse racing bets. The information you need for this strategy is freely available.

The Statman anticipates the new National Hunt season which is upon us, with some killer stats for October, November and December. The profits from these stats are mouth-watering, so much so that I might get in my De Lorean and move quickly into October.

I’ve found a very interesting betting angle for greyhound racing using what they call a “combination forecast” bet. It has a high strike rate if the user has the discipline to follow the strategy. There’s also a great introduction to Irish horse racing and where you can find the low down on all things Irish.  

There’s the usual ‘Home-Grown’ System Updates and the rogue’s gallery of tipsters and systems.

Odd shaped balls…

Now I know my football, but when it comes to rugby, I am afraid, as Manuel from Fawlty Towers would say, “I know-a-nothing”.

So, I have piggy-backed some of those on t’internet who actually know something about rugby and will share some of their advices which sit well with me.

England play Fiji this evening and an alternative to the Match Odds market is required quite obviously. I am taken by Alex Payne’s article in the Sporting Life which points to first try scorers as Jonny May or Anthony Watson. Being a stats man, I like bets backed up with stats. Between then, they have scored 5 of England’s last 7 tries. That’s good enough for me!

With so many unbackable teams in the match odds, the handicap markets beckon for the majority of matches.

The next stats-backed bet would be New Zealand to cover the 21+ handicap against Argentina. New Zealand of course must nuzzle the maestro Leo Messi (Wrong sport, Clive! ed).

New Zealand’s last 4 matches have seen a winning margin of 18, 19, 21, 21 which is compelling for the more value 21+ handicap bet.

If you recall, I spoke about Nehe Milner-Skudder as a potential top try scorer in last week’s eletter. Now young Alex Payne agrees with me, and that, folks, is good enough for this rugby novice to back Nehe at 10/1 or higher, if I can get it!

South Africa v Japan is the next on my list, with some interesting side bets: a 44+ handicap bet could be reached if the South Africans click. I also like the 10 tries or more bet which Alex Payne puts forward.

Over at Betfair, there is an excellent angle in for you layers. If the ultra short-priced favourite is playing into a very, very strong wind in the first half, consider laying them in the Halftime/Fulltime market.

For instance, if the wind is howling for England’s fixture against Fiji, lay England in the Halftime/Fulltime market at 1.16 (as an illustration – this is not a tip).

A number of newspaper tipsters are shouting for Ireland as potential World Cup winners. They were 30 seconds away from beating the All Blacks in a friendly and lost 22-24, they have recently taken the scalp of South Africa and, for small measure, won 2 recent Six Nations. Where is the value though? Ireland are only 3.8 on Betfair to reach the final, for goodness sake! Ireland are 5.3 as winners without New Zealand. This assumes New Zealand would be finalists, in which case a New Zealand/Ireland final is 7.2.

For me, the value is in laying Ireland at 3.8 to reach the final of this World Cup. They have the likes of Australia, England, Argentina, South Africa, and indeed an improving France and local team Wales to overcome. I would be more of a layer than a backer!

If I find any more bets I feel worthy of attention, I’ll pass them on via Twitter @drtclub.

Have a great weekend and enjoy the rugby.