A fair old week of WRWM tipping!


Burnt Fingers! I know the feeling, having been at this punting malarkey for a good few years! But Burnt Fingers can be good!

As part of What Really Wins Money, I provide free tips over a range of betting systems, which readers can follow at www.whatreallywinsmoney.co.uk.

One such system is based around each-way betting, which I’ve introduced you to in previous WRWM eletters.

Each-way betting, for me, is the most efficient way of backing horses, particularly if we put the probabilities in our favour.

My idea for an efficient each-way system? Simple…

Focus on 8/9-runner races. Why? These are the smallest fields which will pay out for three places (you see, each-way betting is two bets in one, the first being on the horse to win, the second on the horse to finish usually in the first three).

After focussing on 8/9-runner races, make two selections per race; one a usual selection (that looks as if it has a good chance of placing at least), and the second a more speculative selection (after all, this is horse racing and it is a less than predictable endeavour).

Back to my Burnt Fingers!

On 1 April 2014 I posted my usual each way selections at www.whatreallywinsmoney.co.uk and in the 2.20 at Kempton, a typical 8/9-runner race, I chose my usual selection and my speculative selection which was (yes, you guessed it!) Burnt Fingers.

The horse won at Betfair SP odds of 66.36 (65/1) and even paid out a whopping 14 (13/1) just for placing: that’s a return of nearly 80/1! Betfair SP paid out twice as much as the measly bookmakers’ starting price of 33/1!

And that, following up from my Tampines Rovers win the week before (backing them at 140/1 and winning), suggests to me that I should ride my luck and ask Kelly Brook out on a date!

And there’s more… (As betting expert [I think] Jimmy Cricket would say.)

I hope you joined me on Twitter yesterday @whatreallywins for Day 1 of the Grand National meeting.

What I like to do for these meetings is to read the betting markets and put forward horses who it seems are ‘gambled on’.

We got a nice 16/1 win in Pistol Pete and 16/1 placer Astrocad in the 4.15 at Aintree (in a tough day of largely competitive small fields), as well as a couple of winners in other races away from Aintree (a first and second in the same race at Lingfield and a 4/1 winner at Taunton). Not a bad haul.

So do join me today at 2.00 p.m. for Day 2 of the Grand National meeting, when I hope the betting markets reveal more winners for Twitter followers @whatreallywins. I’ll also be doing a fashion section looking at the Liverpool ladies’ lovely shell suit/trainer combos. Fantastic.

I will try to be on Twitter on Saturday for the Grand National, although it will clash with my DRT live chat which is exclusive to DRT football trading members and uses the strategies which nailed that 140/1 winner last weekend.

The DRT chat is hectic with stats flying here, there, and everywhere, as I seek to find low-risk, high-reward trades for members, starting with the German Bundesliga matches and moving into England, Italy, Spain, Holland, and a wealth of other major league matches.

If you’d like me to provide free tips at www.whatreallywinsmoney.co.uk, please let me know in which area (football, horse racing, low odds, speculative big odds) – email me at whatreallywins@yahoo.co.uk or leave a comment at the website.

I’m off now to buy a lottery ticket or two, and hopefully pick you a few more big-priced winners!

Have a great weekend and do check out Twitter @whatreallywins and www.whatreallywinsmoney.co.uk.

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