5,610/1 accumulator from the other side?

Before I go into some news from ‘the other side’ a quick allbeit late round up from Cheltenham festival 2019.

It was a rare and slight 6.97pt loss for me over the thrill packed 4 days that seen plenty of near misses that could have turned a nice profit including Melon at 16/1 been placed.

That one selection alone if it had won would have catapulted us into good profit for the festive overall such is the fine lines between profit and loss on some days.

Still no damage done considering I have made around 120pts over the past 7 years for readers of What Really Wins Money!

Now for something a little different that may see me confined to the looney bin or been hailed a ‘Guru’ of mammoth proportions.

In my Quick Fire Betting course I have an article entitled ‘Dream Your Way To Profit’. It’s a light hearted look at how dreams could, and I stress could, point us in the direction for profit. Well its worked for me!

Here’s a few examples where strong dreams either have, or could have made me bundles of profit. Unfortunately that don’t come around that often but I have a 100% strike rate so far.

My first one was a dream about Aston Villa playing Derby. The dream was that strong it was like been there physically, even down to the smell of the Bovril and Pukka Pies.

Anyway a few month later my friend invited me to a Villa match as part of his stag party and low and behold the match was Ville v Derby – I kid you not!

I went along and at a morning stag party breakfast in a well known Irish themed boozer I told the others about my dream and that Villa won 2-1. Some thought I was barking mad and asked me to pass the brown sauce, others went round to Corals to place the correct score bet.

The match started and Villa were 1-0 down at Half time from which I got some funny looks and me replying “Well you didn’t have to place the bets”.

Then Villa pulled one back and then another to go into a 2-1 lead and I just knew I was going to win – strange feeling! Spooky or what!

Needless to say I never put my hand in my pocket for the rest of the day and night but boy had one hell of a hangover that took me 2 days to get over eating junk to get me back on track!

My second strong dream involved none other than Sir Alex Ferguson and I was chatting to him at the races about his magnificent multiple Grade 1 winner ‘Rock of Gibraltar’.

So the next day I diligently scanned the Racing Post looking for any Ferguson owned horses and indeed there was. I only spotted the one, but there was in fact two of his running that day but happened to miss the other one and it was the blinking other one that went onto win at Doncaster, Red Pike at 8/1 – Grrrrrr!

So what’s going on with these dreams and why are they 100% accurate? My guess is that these events have already happened and the body/conscious is in some sort of time lag behind real time and of the event actually happening. Then when we get these strong dreams or ‘premonitions’ we are actually tapping into the future briefly and when that happens we have to take note! Well its worked for me so far!

On a similar note In my younger days whilst working at a printers the delivery driver there always used to double up horses that had close to the same name or had the same word in each. I used to think he was crackers but he had his fair share of winners and now I’m beginning to think he was onto something – maybe not! But look at this below from Cheltenham;

Yes they all have ‘DU’ in there name and 4 of them won on the same day at the same race meeting and from seven race for a whopping 5610/1 acca!!  Are you telling me that’s coincidence?

Now just imagine if you had a nice £10 fourfold on those that morning!

So next time you have a strong dream, take note and get your money on – you may be surprised by the results!

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