3 ways to turn your resource box into a traffic magnet for your business…

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PLUS: How much money will you make selling dropshipped products on eBay?

PLUS: Cut eBay competition for your dropshipped products…

It’s very easy to write and upload an article to a directory, add it to your blog or website, or publish it in an ezine or email….

But it’s just a little more complex getting people who see and read your article to respond in a way that makes money for you.

The task is usually accomplished in the resource box at the end of your article, where you get to promote whatever product you are recommending.

Article writers: 3 ways to turn your resource box into a traffic magnet for your business…

These are the best ways to turn your article’s resource box into a traffic magnet for your business:

1) Add a question to your resource box that can only be answered by contacting you or visiting your site, or downloading a free report.


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2) Offer something valuable for free, such as a special report on the subject covered in your article. Get people to sign up for your newsletter to obtain the free report.

3) Make your article a multi-part feature, such as ‘Part 1’, ‘Part 2’ etc, or by inviting readers to visit your site for more information about the subject.


  • Part 2 of this article can be viewed at [insert website address]
  • Contact me for Parts 2 to 10 of this article, which you’ll receive daily by autoresponder.

How much money will you make selling dropshipped products on eBay?

The easiest of all dropshipping programmes with the highest profit margins are those you organise yourself, preferably with suppliers working outside the traditional dropshipping business.

Affiliate programme suppliers, craft workers, wholesalers, and also product manufacturers offer the greatest potential.

Realistically you can make as much money as you wish, depending on time and effort that you put into the business and how good you are at organising and administering this incredibly profitable business model.

However, the more products you offer and the more items you sell, and the more dropshipping and other suppliers you use, the more complex your business will become. And in line with growing profits you’ll probably experience more problems and suffer more stress.

These are ways to keep profits high and problems as low as possible:

Choose suppliers carefully: prefer one or two offering a wide range of products over lots of specialist suppliers.

Choose high profit margins over low: avoid highly competitive products. It makes more sense to spend time sourcing a handful of items with high profit margins for which you are sole provider, than to opt for lots of highly competitive products where prices and profits are low and competition rife and growing more stifling each day.

Cut eBay competition for your dropshipped products…

Dropshipping is a great business model, but as for all profitable options, a good market can quickly become saturated.

These tips will help you check for market saturation before introducing a new product to your inventory:

  • Check competition on eBay for your dropshipping company and their products before planning to sell.

To show how this works, let me tell you about a wonderful dropshipping firm I discovered specialising in CDs… There were hundreds of different titles with bright and colourful covers and enticing subjects.

I joined their program, downloaded their graphics and sales materials, created and uploaded my listings to eBay, and waited and waited… and nothing happened.

Soon afterwards I checked for other people selling similar products on eBay and found dozens of them. Those CDs I had only recently discovered were already market saturated on eBay. I should have checked first – as in the next tip.

  • Search competition for your product by keying the product’s name or title or manufacturer’s name into the search box top of eBay’s home page.

No entries for similar products might be good news for you. ‘Might’ because others may also be selling these products, just not right now. Or perhaps people have already tried selling similar products with little success.

Lots of entries signals lots of competition, but you must view listings first to check similarity to your product.

Where you find just a few people selling similar products, check how much they charge, study completed listings for how listings attracted buyers, and how many second chance offers were possible.

I’d say more than five firms selling similar products worldwide is one or two firms too many, except where they sell through auction and you choose shop only listings or (sometimes) vice versa.

But it’s a completely different and much more profitable story where you model your listings on the best of those other people’s listings, and you include one or two features that make your listings better and more attractive than all the others. Such as by adding a bonus product or offering three items for the usual price of two bought separately.

Whatever can be done to make your listings different and more attractive than similar products selling on eBay can turn a market-saturated item into a unique product for your business.

Now for that promised free report, which you can download here.

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