2-4-6-8, who do we appreciate?

Well, really it should be ‘1-3-5-8: follow this plan cos it is great’. I could regale you with my dream team of cheerleaders to lead the cheering but I’d be here all day.

I am referring to my 3-5-8 betting strategy, which I shared with readers of What Really Wins Money in a recent newsletter. It really is so exciting when one of these plans sky rockets. It’s like buying a share which just keeps going up!

I do try a lot of strategies out, away from the spotlight, as it were. And it is a long process. I need to collect results, ideally for a minimum of a year, before something clicks. Some go close but are not consistently profitable, or are too volatile.

It is all worth it when I find real workable self-created strategies, like my Two-Horse Placers (in its third year of profit), DRT, or this 3-5-8 system, which is motoring at the moment.

Since 28 September, a £100 betting bank has turned into £1,895. Now stick that £100 in a savings account and ask if your bank will pay you nearly two grand just eight months later! Somehow I think they won’t.

It is strategies like these that I try to deliver for you at What Really Wins Money. Fingers crossed I can uncover one or two more just as strong as 3-5-8 before the year is out. The goal is to have a really solid betting portfolio.

Anyone for strawberries?

And cream of course, but I am on a diet, so just the strawberries for the mini-sumo wrestler writing this eletter. I hope those of you who have joined me on Twitter @whatreallywins this week have enjoyed my take on tennis trading. There have been some good trading profits to be had. And they all follow on from that trading definition I shared with you last week: ‘the anticipation of a future price movement’.

I’ve been looking for potential upsets and fight backs thereafter (Kevin Anderson was a recent solid example: I even advised laying him at 1.01 and his odds did drift to 1.1 for a while). I’ve also been looking for ‘terrier’-like tennis players of both sexes.

These are the kinds of players ignored by the market, but have taken some big scalps and who never give up. I have profited from fight-backs from the like of Coric ,and veterans Baghdatis and Lucic-Baroni – a name familiar to you from last week’s eletter.

Then there are the matches where you’d expect both players to win a set.

Then there is the 2-0 phenomenon in the men’s game. Players cruising 2-0 in a first to three-set format tend to meet firm resistance in the third set. Maybe they switch off and let the opponent in? Raonic lost only three games to take a 2-0 set lead against Tommy Haas (who is so old he was playing on a mobility scooter), yet lost the third set.

Stan Wawrinka too was taken to a tie breaker in the third set after winning the first two.

I have a list of football scenarios I use when I trade football. Similarly, I think we can list a number of scenarios in tennis matches for us to look out for when seeking to trade the tennis markets.

I am learning a lot through a concerted period of focusing purely on tennis and want to distil what I learn soon. I may not be tweeting once the tournament gets to the quarter finals, as cream tends to rise to the top and matches become less readable.

So enjoy it while you can and see my tweets – @whatreallywins.

I hope to see you on Twitter this weekend, unless she who must be obeyed has organised a, erm, fun filled trip to stare at handbags and shoes.

Have a great weekend.