12 Proven Free (and Low Cost) Ways to Get More Visitors to Your Website

Sometimes we don’t want complicated, long, drawn-out projects when it comes to something like getting people to visit a website we’ve created.

So, this week, let’s cut to the chase and fire through not one, but 12 super-effective tactics to get more readers to any blog or website… fast!

1. Pay for a Facebook ad

Facebook ads work. I’ve tested them myself. The ‘reach’ of an ad is far, far greater than the number of people you have managed to get to either ‘like’ your page (if you’re on there as a business) or listed as ‘friends’ if it’s a personal account.

Facebook ads are ridiculously easy to create. In fact, Facebook doesn’t just show you how to create an ad; it lays out a simple plan for setting up your campaign…

You can start of paying as little as £10–20 for a one-off-promotion and test the water. If you have a good Facebook post to promote, you should really consider testing this out.

2. Use Pinterest

Pinterest is under-utilised in many niches. It can drive a really nice amount of traffic if a ‘board’ you create taps in to a need.

All Pinterest involves is you picking a topic – say ‘beautiful and powerful speakers’ – and then going round the net finding posts and pages including images of those speakers and ‘pinning’ them to the board.

Your board leads back to your site (in this instance, perhaps one selling headphones!) and the people looking for headphones online and landing on Pinterest (more likely than you may think as they are doing VERY well on the rankings these days!) end up clicking to visit you!

3. Run a hashtag competition on Twitter and/or Instagram

People respond very well to these. Simply come up with a theme… Using the same example as in my previous point, say ‘me and my headphones’ – then ask people to Tweet or Instagram a photo of themselves on that theme using a relevant and memorable hashtag (‘#meandmyheadphones’) and an ‘@ reply’ to your Twitter name or Instagram username.

You offer a prize for the best and link back to your site where possible.

As the photos will include an ‘@ reply’ to you, all of the followers of those who enter will also be likely to visit your social sites and therefore your site or blog.

4. Run a Facebook competition relying on likes and shares

Have a give-away on Facebook where people have to like your page and share a post in order to enter. You get masses of free exposure on Facebook and a chance to attract new customers/readers/likers etc.

5. Create and host your own podcast

Create a podcast on a theme in your niche – you can use simple software like BuzzSprout to get started – and upload it to podcasting services (such as iTunes).

Promote your website in and around your podcasts and see traffic grow.

6. Review a super-hot product on YouTube

This doesn’t need to be anything fancy: just you and a camera phone or web cam, talking directly about a hot new product.

Be real: people like genuine reviews by normal people. If you get the right product at the right time and can get a review online, your traffic will soar.

7. Test out Google Adwords with a free voucher

Google Adwords (paying to show on the first page of Google results for terms of your choosing) can be tricky these days. But in some niches it’s still highly effective and financially viable.

You can test the water with Adwords for free by using a voucher. You will need to input credit card details to start your account, but in order to avoid making a payment, you simply need to pause the campaign once your free voucher has run out.

Of course, you may find Adwords so effective that you’re happy to carry on paying!

You can get vouchers in various places online. If you follow this link then you will find one offer from Google themselves: you get £75 free if you deposit £25 in your account… A pretty good deal!

Even if you are in a highly competitive niche and have to pay £1 per click, that’s still 100 visitors who could buy something from you.

8. Guest-blog!

This is one of the most powerful techniques for increasing your traffic. The ‘catch 22’ is that you need to have some quality content on your blog first!

But don’t let ‘newness’ intimidate you: approach others in your niche and offer to guest-blog. Include a link to your blog and/or to specific posts you think would interest their readers.

9. Create a free ebook and offer it for free on Kindle

This can be a great tactic. Put together a simple ebook or report in your niche and turn it in to a Kindle book (if you don’t want to do that yourself, you can outsource it very cheaply indeed).

Offer the book for free as part of ‘Kindle Select’ (a service you can opt in to when you register to sell your books on Kindle).

A good free book will surge up the charts and if your book includes links back to your site and something that motivates them to check it out (further reading material or additional resources, for example), you can see a big traffic benefit to employing this tactic.

10. List your product on ClickBank and JVZoo

If you do have an ebook to sell, listing them for other people to sell on affiliate marketplaces like Clickbank and JVZoo can lead to other people sending you traffic without any work on your part.

Of course, you’ll need your product and promotion ready for people, but if that’s already done, this is a simple and highly effective tactic.

11. Create a sharable infographics

This tactic can be paired with Pinterest for double the impact! The barest-bones interpretation of an ‘infographic’ is: information laid out in chart form.

If you’re still trying to get your head around infographics, think of them as:

  • Visual versions of textual information.
  • Graphics that tell a story, replacing words.
  • A way to teach people a topic literally at a glance.
  • A way to catch people’s attention by showing rather than telling.

Infographics are hot right now and creating a good one in your niche could be the answer to all of your traffic woes.

12. Do some offline promotion

The best example I have of this is from my brother, who runs a blog about his beloved football team.

On match days he takes business-type-cards that he got printed in huge numbers for very little cost, and hands them out to as many other fans as he happens to pass: hundreds most weeks. This tactic saw huge surges in post-match-traffic for him.

So – that’s twelve!

Don’t be afraid to find traffic offline. It might not be the most obvious method, but it can be the most ingenious!

If any of these tactics have your interest and you’d like more detail on how to employ these tactics in detail, please let me know and I’ll include a step-by-step guide to the most popular next week.

Until then, happy traffic building!

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