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Betfolio Review

Name of Product:

Editor/Creator: Matt Bisogno

Discover The Power and Simplicity of Profitable Portfolio Betting, Even If You're Convinced You're The Unluckiest Punter On The Planet...

Contact Details:

25 Queen Anne Road,
London, E9 7AH
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Price: The price is £97
Money back Guarantee: The product comes with a 60 day free review.

What does it involve:

Betfolio subscribers will receive FIVE betting systems immediately after signing up (four hardy perennials and one March / April micro-system).

As well as the systems, Matt will be talking about trainers a lot as he believes that  it’s the single most important thing in his betting. This makes the difference in winning and losing.

Each system and angle is designed to be easy to operate, fun and profitable. Some days there will be a few bets – maybe even six or eight on a busy Saturday – and other days, there may only be one or two. In fact, there will occasionally be no bet days as well.

Where you can buy it:

Click here to buy Betfolio (or to read more)

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