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Bedtime Trader

Name of Product:

Bedtime Trader
Editor/Creator: Janet Greenhall - Co-Creator
Headline: "I thought my husband was having an affair - but when he showed me how much extra money he was making..."
Contact Details:

Agora Lifestyles Limited.

Registered address:
Curzon House,
24 High Street, Banstead, Surrey SM7 2LJ

Price: £247 then monthly payments of £12.95 (starts after 60 days)
Money back Guarantee: 60 day trial
What does it involve:

Bedtime Trader is marketed as a step by step Forex strategy which promises to yield instant results.

It claims to take just 15 mins a day and it does seem that you need to be a night owl to use this system…the sales pack states - ‘when 11pm rolls around, it’s a simple case of popping on to the website’

There is a 6 week track record which is dramatically improved by one stunning week and 5 average ones! Agora are a reputable company and I would assume that these results are fully verifiable.

You can find out more here: Bedtime Trader. It has such a strong guarantee period it might be worth giving this one a shot.

Editor note:

If you have seen it and want to share your view please email:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or add to the comments section below.

If you are interested in forex trading you may want to look at this long established strategy: PAYBACK TRADER

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