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The Secrets to Successful Punting – Do You Know Your Perfect Betting Medium?

Finding ‘your’ ideal betting medium...

Finding your ideal betting medium is easier said than done I know, but a good place to start is with a sport or past-time where you have the most interest. Maybe you don’t bet in a sport/pastime you have interest in at present, but it may pay to do so.

I once read a story about a guy who was obsessed with the Eurovision Song Contest. His predictions were so accurate he became very well known within the industry. Every year he narrowed the field down to just two countries, and predicted one of the two would triumph. The result? Well, in all but one year since the Eurovision’s birth in 1956 he managed to get the winner from his two forecasts. Yet not once did he gamble on the outcome. What a waste!

Likewise, a chap I got to know when I used to attend the gym knew everything there is to know about horse racing, including breeding, courses, jockeys, trainers and yet he never gambled a single penny! Good job for the bookies, as his predictions were second to none.

You see, with this guy’s passion for horse racing came a great thirst for knowledge, and with this knowledge came great predictions – yet he never placed a bet in his life. The satisfaction of knowing his judgement was right was more than enough for him, not the winning of money.

I know many who have a great knowledge of football, yet concentrate their efforts in making horse racing pay and vice versa. In short, follow your line of interest and something you have more knowledge about, even if it’s a non-sporting activity. So check to see if bookmakers offer markets about your chosen interest. You may be surprised by the results when you know your chosen field inside out.

If, on the other hand, you currently have no knowledge of any betting related events and you wish to profit, then of course you have many options. If you wish to go it alone then research and research again your chosen area.

Next step would be to focus narrowly on ‘one’ area in that particular sport/pastime. For example, one of my friends is big on Tennis betting and makes a very good living specialising in big serve players at certain venues. Whether they are big name players or lesser knowns trying to qualify for the big tournaments.

Once your interest is ignited, it won’t be long before you get a feel for the sport/pastime and make the right predictions more often than not. More importantly, you will quickly spot any bookie pricing errors as and when they appear (of which there are many, by the way), especially in the less popular betting markets.

In today’s struggle of balancing family life with work/hobbies, you may not have the time or inclination to go it alone, and thus you may wish to subscribe to a ‘paid-for’ service. If this is your preferred option the usual checks should apply to validate past claims. Accurate and transparent recording of results for at least 12 months would be a good place to start, and does the service offer the type of betting and frequency that suits you?

In short, find a method or service that fits in with your daily lifestyle and available time slots to bet. There’s no point in subscribing to every service under the sun only to find you haven’t got the time to follow all of them effectively. Likewise, if you can only follow them for the odd day here and there and complain when you miss a winning period. The harsh truth is, in gambling, profits can be made in an instant, in other words, over a few short days or bets. On the flip side, periods of slow or negative growth can be lengthy. Therefore, it’s vitally important when embarking on your quest for profit to be consistent in approach. Then, with the right method/service and correct mental attitude profits will duly follow.

To sum up:

Successful punting is all about finding a chosen betting medium that’s right for you and your style of betting. This, married to extensive knowledge gained via accurate and ongoing research, and the courage to carry on through down periods, will see your betting account rise, and keep rising for as long as you keep on top of your game.

Finally, very few successful gamblers began by making roaring profits, so allow time for a period of learning, stabilisation and experimentation before laying down big money.

By Andrew David