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Survey Compare Review

What is Survey Compare?

Survery Compare is an online service which allows people to do surveys and get paid for them.

Why do they want people to fill out these surveys?

Market research companies are always on the lookout for data or responses in regards to their products or services and companies are always looking for feedback. That's why they've created a reward scheme through Survery Compare through which they offer rewards such as cash, gift vouchers, free products and prize draw entries to encourage people to write surveys.

Is Survery Compare an affiliate survey company?

Survery compare does actually work as an affiliate website, which means they refer you to further websites which have surverys hosted on them. When a user signs up they are then asked to choose from a list of survery companies to wait for and are directed to sign up to their websites via the emails which are provided.

The more surveys which are completed via this website the more they revenue they will generate for themselves.

Will I have the chance to fill as many surveys as I wish?

Well there is a lot of choice of companies which you can sign up to but you have to complete the actual surveys on other websites so nothing is integrated on this actual website. Survey Compare works mainly as a referral scheme.

Any risks associated with this website?

The website is registered as a UK company. However, a word of warning should be aired that the date on their website is still dated as 2010 along with the fact that their promotional language uses the term $ rather than pounds (which you would think being a UK based commpany). If you do have any problems getting paid it may well be worth pursuing the companies on which the surverys are actually based rather than Survey Compare as their response may not be as good as the the actual survery companies.

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