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Are you a cherry picker trader or do you use brute force?

I felt his pain. I really did. His words summed up a very common frustration. Personally, I remember a similar situation very vividly: a feeling that the markets were somehow conspiring against me. That somewhere, behind the scenes, my carefully prepared trading plans were being sniggered at as they unravelled.  And worst of all… that it was costing me a small fortune in losses! So what caused these feelings and memories to flare up? It’s because I received an email from a particularly miffed trader at the weekend. And two sentences he wrote say it all.  Here’s the nub of his frustration in sentence number one: “It’s almost magical the way I can see several promising trades, but choose only to trade the two that stop me out, while the others usually go on to win.” Now doesn’t that sound..


God save our lizard Queen!

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Why tennis trading is always fun…

Newsletter under construction! January’s edition of What Really Wins Money is being finalised as I write, after a hiatus in December, strictly for mince-pie consumption. As this is the start of a new year, I begin January’s newsletter with a look at my betting portfolio for ...Read More