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How ALL markets are manipulated and why traders often forget their own orders are to blame!

At the weekend I watched this film about a crazy horse race in Italy… It was recorded in Italian with English subtitles but it had me hooked from start to finish (and since I speak barely a word of Italian beyond ‘ciao’ this was quite something). Twice a year, in Siena, they hold this extreme race called The Palio, they reckon it’s been running since the mid 1600s. It goes right through the middle of the medieval town while everything else grinds to a halt for days at a time. The entire population of Siena turns out to watch and cheer on the horse representing their local neighbourhood. And when I say cheer them on, I mean fanatically cheer them on… people overcome with emotion in floods of tears, marching crowds chanting bawdy songs, bouncing banks of spectators swinging coloured..


Why tennis trading is always fun…

Newsletter under construction! January’s edition of What Really Wins Money is being finalised as I write, after a hiatus in December, strictly for mince-pie consumption. As this is the start of a new year, I begin January’s newsletter with a look at my betting portfolio for ...Read More