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Is your Forex trader taking the Mick?

 Has your broker been using your account to mop-up losses after the Swiss franc hit them hard? (And what might you do if they have?) How have you been getting on with your Forex broker recently? Noticed an unusual drop-off in the performance of your strategy? I know some traders have. Here’s a glimpse into what’s been going on… It’s now 8 weeks after the Swiss franc de-pegging sent a bit of a shockwave through the Forex industry and, as I’m sure you know, some brokers were hit very hard. Alpari and FXCM were both high-profile casualties. And it has to be said, I think the after-effects are still being felt… Many brokers have tightened-up the portfolio of markets they offer – they are now VERY nervous of Forex pairs with currencies openly manipulated by the country’s central bank (things..


What have we learned in 2015?

Hankies to the ready… The last What Really Wins Money newsletter has just been finalised, as I wipe a tear of happiness (erm, I mean tear of sadness) from my eye. As befits the last newsletter of the year, I’ve done a review of all ...Read More