Financial Trading

Two tricks that’ll help your trades run to bigger profits

“If you want to make money from trading forget about making money!”
  We spend a lot of time as traders focusing on trade entries. I suppose there is some logic to it. After all, until you get into a trade you can’t record a result. But you’ll probably notice another part of the process demands just as much attention, probably even more! And that’s when it comes to exiting your trades. Our two greatest adversaries – fear and greed – can run you ragged here if you’re not careful. Fear can have you on pins. As soon as your trade shows a small profit the urge to cash-in your chips can become almost unbearable. And cutting profits short on a regular basis can be fatal to your campaigns. Greed on the other hand can have you overstaying your welcome. This..


Why tennis trading is always fun…

Newsletter under construction! January’s edition of What Really Wins Money is being finalised as I write, after a hiatus in December, strictly for mince-pie consumption. As this is the start of a new year, I begin January’s newsletter with a look at my betting portfolio for ...Read More