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Trading charts: choosing the best tool for the job

I’ve been flicking through my charts of the main markets this morning… Just getting a feel for how things currently sit as Brexit jumpiness starts to creep in. And it occurred to me how I’ll switch between the different chart types depending on the stage of analysis I’m working on. It’s not something I plan, but sometimes I’ll have a trusty old candlestick chart on the screen, and the next minute I’ll flick to a stripped-down line chart. I’ll spend a bit of time there and before I know it I’m back on the candlesticks! I’ve noticed it does depend which price action features I’m searching for at that particular time – I’ll use the different chart types to find different things. So I slowed down and took a few notes as I was jumping between the screens. I wanted..


Why tennis trading is always fun…

Newsletter under construction! January’s edition of What Really Wins Money is being finalised as I write, after a hiatus in December, strictly for mince-pie consumption. As this is the start of a new year, I begin January’s newsletter with a look at my betting portfolio for ...Read More